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  1. Ron Belcher
    Much thanks for the video ! Appreciate it !
  2. Ron Belcher
    Total cards as mentioned in the video are 57. No rounded corners and they're "Tarot" sized. I found the right sleeves to use on those are from Fantasy Flight Games and they are the "Orange" bagged...
  3. Ron Belcher
    Now... That's a gaming table! How was Falling Stars? How long was the gaming session? Was it played with all of you working cooperatively against an Alien or objective? Is this a 1 play through or...
  4. Ron Belcher
    Opened up my desires to support LnL & I ordered HoN + X-maps + Battle Designer. Being unable to go to my FLGS due to being disabled, I look forward to many hours of gaming! Thank you to all...
  5. Trent Garner
    This looks pretty interesting, looking forward to seeing more!