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  1. Ric Walters
    Thanks for the video. My stubby fingers should have no problems picking up these counters. I believe Academy Games counters may be close to 2mm also and those are great to use. I continue to like...
  2. Keith Tracton
    @MichaelCD Hi! They designate the limits of the hill hexes for that hill. Any hex containing a part of, or contained within the entire loop is by definition a HIll Level hex (aka L1) for Line of...
  3. David Heath
    Just the Hills.
  4. MichaelCD
    The curvy lines outlining the hills, do they represent anything in the game or just the start of the slope?
  5. Trent Garner
    Great artwork, I like how the hills are depicted, they have a good 3D look to them. Is this artwork also used in the upcoming digital version of the game? I sure hope so.