ASL to LnLT Gamers Guide v1.0

Quick Reference Guild for ASL Learning LnLT

  1. David Heath
    So why another Index you may ask. This started out as a personal quick resource for myself to find rules in the new LnLT v5.0 rulebook. Since I spent a lot of time playing Squad Leader, then ASL the terminology has become second nature to me. Broken, CX, Motion the list goes on, I found myself looking up ASL terms in the new LnLT rulebook. So this guide was developed to ease me into the transition from ASL to LnLT. The guide is set up ASL term and then the LnLT term with the corresponding rule number and page. So I figure someone else could benefit from this guide as well and here it is. If anyone has any ideas or comments please let me know, I love to hear your feedback.

    - Al Davis