HexMains with Lock n Load Tactical Starter Kit v1.0

HexMains with Lock n Load Tactical Starter Kit

  1. David Heath
    HexMains by Mark Ainsworth is a new virtual tabletop app this one was designed with Lock n Load Starter Kit in mind.

    Imagine a board game on your kitchen table, the games with hex grid and counters. Now you can have your table on a computer screen. That's the idea behind this app, you move counters about stack them roll dice Zoom in & out, Move the Map around.

    LnLP does provide an LnLT starter Kit for Free. You can print out the Maps Counters, Player Aids & Rules.

    LnLT Starter Kit:

    LnLT v5.0 Core Rules: https://forums.lnlpublishing.com/resources/lock-n-load-tactical-core-rules.253/

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