LnLT Game Play Walkthrough v2.1

LnLT Game Play Walkthrough

  1. David Heath
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    Lock 'n Load Tactical Game Play Walkthrough v2.1

    This NEW and expanded Game Play Walkthrough will show players the versatile Lock 'n Load Tactical game system. It will also show why Lock 'n Load Tactical is one of the easiest and most playable squad tactical game systems available today. This Game Play Walkthrough will cover as much of the game system as possible. What you will find is an entire scenario broken out in full detail using our latest v4.1 core rule set.

    Please Note: Lock 'n Load Tactical Walkthrough uses a modified scenario titled "Assault on Vierville". This modified scenario includes an Event, but in order not to spoil the Event included in the scenario, we have created an alternate Event Paragraph for the purpose of this walk-through.

    We have made the counters called for this Event as download for those that may want to make the counters and follow along while reading the walkthrough. You do not need these counters if you already own the Heroes of Normandy game. You can download these counters here.

    You can use our also use our Lock 'n Load Tactical World War 2 Era Demo to help follow along step by step.
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