LnLT Modern Demo 2nd Edition v4.1 Rev2

LnLT Modern Demo 2nd Edition

  1. David Heath
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    Lock 'n Load Tactical Modern 2 Era Demo 2nd Edition

    This is the download edition of the Modern Era demo. This is the download edition of the World War 2 Era demo. This demo is now part of our printed edition Lock 'n Load Tactical Starter Kit.

    You are in South Vietnam in 1969. You can play as the US Army or the Viet Cong. This demo uses the latest set of rules for the game system written by Jeff Lewis, Lead Developer of the Lock ’n Load Tactical Series.

    This new demo comes with 1" counters, extra large hex map, demo rules, scenario and game tables needed to play.

    If Vietnam is not your style check out our Lock 'n Load World War 2 Era and head to Normandy, France

    So no more excuses, you now have everything you need to get into one of the easiest and most excited tactical systems available today.

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  1. LnLT Modern Demo 2nd Edition

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  1. darcone
    Version: v4.1
    Awesome value. I was expecting a few counters and a map, but LNLP has gone way beyond. "A Friend in Need" is a classic scenario that offers a gateway into the LNL Tactical world.
  2. Qwirz
    Version: v4.1
    You guys are great!!!! This is an amazing offer and a great present for friends to be introduced to the system!!!! Thanks
  3. MichaelCD
    Version: v4.1
    Great to see a demo