LnLT Quick Reference Flip Cards for LnLT v5.0 Rev4

Quick Reference Cards to use with LnLT Series

  1. David Heath
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    The LnLT Quick Reference cards can be used as single sheets or combined as a spiral flip booklet. Included are the new LnLT game tables, rule reference bullet points from the v5.0 manual, updated general reference cards and the breakdown of the LnLT counter types.

    All sections are color coded and reference the proper rule sections in the LnLT v5.0 Core Rules.

    Update Rev4: We add some additional updates to the OFT modifiers and Reference Tables.

    The LnLT Quick Reference booklet is NOT needed to play LnLT but are provided more to be a helpful aid for those that want to use it.

    Lock 'n Load Tactical - Play the Game Not the Rules

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