Pegasus Bridge 1.12

The Pegasus Bridge scenario pack for Command Ops 2

  1. Correction in minor road modifier

    - Corrected the minor road motorized modifier to 65
  2. Correction

    Put in an outdated estab file in the zip file by mistake. Correct one is now included.
  3. General cleanup

    - Changed map graphics from the default to a custom one
    - Added subfolders for easier installation
    - Added small changes to the map
    - Light estab tuning
    - Added correct signatures for debriefings
  4. Full release of the "Sword to Caen" scenario

    Finally, the "Sword to Caen" scenario is finished.

    - Added flavour texts for quite a bit of units
    - Briefing texts added
    - Slight OOB changes (forgot to put in some of the unit's bases)
    - Mixed up some of the unit's stats
    - Estab tuning (added Sherman DD's)
    - Slight objectives tuning
  5. Tweaked naval guns, added flavour text

    - Tweaked the Allies' naval guns in terms of armour penetration and its accuracy (they were under powered)
    - Added all of the naval guns to the historical reinforcement schedule
    - Added flavour text for some of the units
  6. Objectives and OOB update

    - Another update for the objectives. Both Allies and Axis will now spread out more as apposed to keeping their units near the center of the map.
    - OOB update: added part of the 51st Highland Division as historical reinforcements. I Corps HQ will now land as well late in the game.
    - Added favourable reinforcement schedules for both sides. Allies wil have full control of the naval Task Force D and another Brigade of the 51st will land on Sword. Axis will have another regiment of the 346th...
  7. Objectives updated

    For the "Sword to Caen" scenario:
    - Objectives are updated so the AI for both sides is more aggressive
    - Fixed correct landing hour for 6th Airlanding Bde (at 21:00h)
    - Minor corrections for some unit names
  8. Updates to the map and positions of German garrisons

    - Fixed polder terrain not showing in game on the Eastern side of the map
    - Made most forts with German garrisons bigger, so they actually show in game.
    - Changed positions of the German garrisons to fit into their forts.
  9. Added the Sword to Caen scenario

    - Added a first version of the "Sword to Caen" scenario. It is a way bigger scenario than the previous two. Both in unit count as well as in its playable area.
    - The map, OOB's and reinforcements of the scenario are all done. Units need some tweaking still in terms of their stats. Objectives are in, but must still be tested.
  10. Added scenario: "D Company's coup-de-main"

    - Added the "D Company's coup-de-main" scenario. Which uses a cropped map, has a lower timescale and is platoon based.
    - Retained the higher grid (40) map for the "Pegasus Bridge" scenario.
    - Small changes on the "Pegasus Bridge" scenario