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    A Wing and a Prayer is a game designed by Erik von Rossing where you, the player, assumes the role of a Commander of a Squadron of Bombers of the USAAF 8th Bomber Wing or the German Luftwaffe during World War II. Your goal is either to protect the Fatherland against the Allied bombings or to bring Germany to its knees. Either way, it’s going to to take a wing and a prayer to complete.


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Discussion in 'A Wing and a Prayer - Bombing the Reich' started by David Heath, Apr 19, 2016.

    1. David Heath
      David Heath
      Yes it is completed and with the large order coming in.

    2. Tony M
      Tony M
      I just noticed this game today, and it looks very promising. Are any more details available? Complexity? Any playtester AARs? Any word on release date?
    3. Rich Edwards
      Rich Edwards
      When might the rules be posted in PDF?
    4. David Heath
      David Heath
      Once the game is released we post it in our resource section. I always like to give the designers once last pass of the game.

    5. Rich Edwards
      Rich Edwards
      While, as a rules editor myself, I appreciate allowing the designers another pass at the rules, if the game has gone to press then there surely must be a final PDF copy of those rules, the ones that we are all purchasing and will be delivered with the game.

      As part of preparing to play, it would be very helpful for many of us to have a copy of this PDF, to match that of the written rules we'll receive with the game, so that we can begin reading and learning before the game arrives so we're ready to play.

      Of course there will be some changes and perhaps an updated PDF shortly after publication once the designers get another pass and players start asking questions. But such a future version doesn't diminish the value of a PDF copy of the rules as printed, which, hopefully, we could have access to now.

      Unless of course the game hasn't gone to the printer and the rules are actually still in editing.
    6. David Heath
      David Heath
      Hi Rich,

      The game is done and fully printed and on a boat. We only release the manual once the game is out and shipping. It is not to be mean or stop anyone enjoyment of the game but we are helping represent our designers work. In that interest and to do that we prefer to allow the designer the final approval.

    7. Rich Edwards
      Rich Edwards
      I totally understand the designer having final approval of the rules! I would just have hoped that their final approval would have occurred before printing.
    8. David Heath
      David Heath
      Hi Rich,

      Yes, of course, we let the designer look at everything before we printed. My point is time has passed and it always a good to let the designer review the game again. I also find releasing the manual before the game causing a lot of issues because players do not have the player aids etc. So I will release the manual when the games start shipping.

    9. Rich Edwards
      Rich Edwards
      David, thanks for all the information and responding. Very much appreciated. Looking forward to the game.
    10. Rich Edwards
      Rich Edwards
      Has shipping started? When might the rules appear? Thanks. Can't wait!
    11. Tony Costa
      Tony Costa
      I answered Rich's question on Facebook.
    12. Rich Edwards
      Rich Edwards
      I received my shipping notice.

      When might the rules PDF be posted?
    13. David Heath
      David Heath
      Hi Rich,

      I will post the PDF manuals but it won't be until the orders are filled.

    14. PepsimanX
      Got my copy today. Hope to get to it soon. So much to play, so little time.

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