Dawn's Early Light - Red Hammer - 23th Guards Tank Division

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    Hey Guys,

    I have the Red Hammer Edition of Dawn's Early Light and when we played the High Noon at Gerzenberg Expansion, we recognised that the division counters of the 23th Guards don't match with their description in the rulebook.

    In the rules this division is described with 2x T-80 Regiments (3x Tank Battalion / 1x Mech-Infantry Battalion), 1x T-72 Regiment (3x Tank Battalion / 1x Mech-Infantry Battalion) and 1x Motor Rifle Regiment (1x Tank Battalion / 3x Mech-Infantry Battalion). But the counters from my game show 2x T-80 Regiments and 2x T-72 Regiment.

    Now i have saw the counters from the LOF #10 where this expansion was first released and their are the correct counters. Have anyone else see this error or is that almost reworked in a later printing of Red Hammer?


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