By David Heath on Nov 10, 2017 at 1:57 AM
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    Board Game Geek Con 2017 FB Rev 2.jpg

    If you live in the Dallas area come and see us at BGG Con next week November 15 through 19. We will be running playtest games of Space Infantry Resurgence and The Red Line.

    Find out more at
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Discussion in 'News and Information from LnLP' started by David Heath, Nov 10, 2017.

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    1. Jay Townsend
      Jay Townsend
      That is a lot of people in that picture!
    2. Ron Belcher
      Ron Belcher
      Will we get an AAR (After-Action-Report) from LnLPs attendance at BGG Con ? Seen a few pics but to me, they don't tell 1,000 words! ;)
      I hope it was a super Con for LnLP and for all in attendance too!
    3. David Heath
      David Heath
      This may very well be my favorite game convention, followed quickly by WBC. WBC you are pretty much locked into the resort and BGG you are at an airport but you can drive and go to different places. The people at both are great and we plan to attend both conventions next year. Third place is Origins and it's a 50/50 now if we will attend normally but it really does have a place in my heart. I really not a fan of the large conventions since such a small part of it is geared on what we play. I really like to find one that is on the West Coast that is a medium size convention for Wargamers.

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    4. Ron Belcher
      Ron Belcher
      Might I suggest this one... ;)
      Memorial Day Weekend • May 25-28, 2018 • Hyatt Regency SFO
    5. David Heath
      David Heath
      Thanks, Ron, and if anyone else has any convention suggestions please let me know.

    6. Nick DelCorpo
      Nick DelCorpo
      We need ConsimWorld, its THE wargaming convention, no euro's, no ameritrash. Hex and counter war games for the most part. I guess GMT's Combat Commander, or one of these other sub-par systems. Oh well, I'll keep hoping. :)

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