Map Counter Useage and a grain of salt...

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    Fellow gamers... here is my grain of salt:

    I have had this idea for some time and decided to throw it on the forums to see what everyone
    feels about it...

    I see counters being on the map (doesn't matter if the map is regular size or X-map size), edges into the
    adjoining hexes (or bleeding over into...).

    So, here's my idea...

    Now, this can work with melee as well...

    on the map (Respective Nation represented by a flag with a number) ... on a side sheet, have the numbers
    1 through, let's toss a number to 20. Two rows of (#1), (#2) thru (#20). Each row represents the Axis and Allies.
    Say that Row #1a (Offensive) and Row #1b (Defensive) appropriate counters, highest in priority from
    left to the lowest in priority to the right. Make them within stack limitations, of course.

    Again, on the maps, there will be flags with the corresponding numbers represented on the side-sheet with
    corresponding counters. This wipes out space problems and stacking problems on the maps.

    Result: Fluid game play and takes away the guess work on what's under that stack again?

    See my point of view here? Comments respectfully requested!

    * Salute! *

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