Political Agenda and Tactical Action Roadmap

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    Political agendas, where players can vote on new laws or elect players, are an integral part of the game's experience. Permanently changing the landscape of the game, and altering the entire rule set are just a few of the effects of these political agendas. This is one of the features that makes Falling Stars unique in the 4x video game genre.

    Tactical actions also offer one-time use power ups or effects that can shift the tides in your favor. Below is a list of Political agendas and Tactical actions that are already in the game or in development. If you have any ideas you'd like us to consider, post them here!

    Tactical Actions

    1. Disruption

    2. Veto- Play before voting on a political agenda. Immediately throw out the current political agenda and move play to the next phase.

    3. Motivation- Play before ground combat. Your infantry gain +1 on all combat rolls for the duration of this turn.

    4. Hyper Thrusters- Play while moving your fleet. Select one ship to receive +1 movement for this turn.

    5. Critical Hit- Play during space combat. Select one ship involved in space combat to receive +5 on its next combat roll.

    6. Persuasion- You convince local inhabitants to barter for the maximum amount of resources during one turn

    7. Black hole- Play after a player has used a wormhole. That player loses 50% of the fleet traveling through the wormhole.

    8. System Malfunction- Play during space combat. Select one ship from the enemy fleet, that ship cannot fire

    9. Rebel Aid- Play when moving to do battle into a system controlled by another player. A rebel ship joins your fleet to participate in battle.

    10. Diplomat- Gain 3 influence points when played during a political agenda.

    11. Beacon- Choose one ship to become your beacon for the remainder of that ship’s life, all of your other ships moving toward the beacon gain 1 movement

    12. Sacrifice- Play during space combat. Send one of your fighters to explode near the enemy fleet. Automatically grants 2 hits

    13. Swift Retreat- While retreating from a space battle your ships gain 1 movement

    14. Nullify- Play during a Political Agenda. Select a player, that player’s vote no longer counts

    15. Blackmail- Play during a Political Agenda. Select a player, that player will automatically cast their votes for the same option as you

    16. Insight- You may now use both primary and secondary of your Strategic Action

    Political Agendas

    1. Accept- No one may participate in space or ground combat for the remainder of this round.

    Decline- Every player gains 2 tactical actions

    2. Elect a player. The elected player may no longer purchase technology this round.

    3. Accept- The resources and influence values for all planets are switched for the remainder of the game.

    Decline- discard this political agenda

    4. Accept- Receive trade goods from all of your planets-tapped or untapped

    Decline- All planets become tapped and no resources can be gained from them until refreshed

    5. Elect a player. That player disperses 50% of their current trade goods between the other 3 players.

    6. Elect a player. Lose 1 victory point

    7. Elect a player. Gain 1 victory point

    8. Accept- Fighters in the galaxy increases their attack by 50%

    Decline- Fighters in the galaxy decreases their attack by 50%

    9. Accept- All ships on wormholes are destroyed

    Decline- Movement through a wormhole grants 1 extra movement to that fleet

    10. Accept- Technology upgrades cost 2 additional resources this round

    Decline- nothing

    11. Accept- Arkis Vir requires 4 ground forces to conquer it

    Decline- No one may control arkis vir this round

    12. Accept- Every player receives 4 trade goods

    Decline- Every ship on Arkis Vir is destroyed

    13. Accept- Increase production capacity of? your home planet by 1

    Decline- Remove influence values from home planet(s)

    14. Accept- Controlled planets with no controlling units on them are now reverted to uncontrolled planets

    Decline- Gain half the resources from your exhausted planets

    15. Accept- Players may only vote with their home systems next round

    Decline- Only players with 7 or more influence can vote next round

    16. Accept- Only brand new OCF’s can build this round

    Decline- No new OCF’s can be created

    17 Accept- : Ground forces recive +1 to combat rolls.

    Decline- : Everyone recieves a free Mechanized Unit in their Home System.

    18 Accept- : The Winner of an invasion combat recieves 1 TG.

    Decline- : For the remainder of this round players must discard 1 TG per planet they invade.

    19 Elected Dreanought rolls two additional dice in combat.

    20 No planets can be bartered with this round

    no planets can be conquered this round

    21 rogue fleets can not be engaged in battle this round

    rogue fleets can not be hired this round

    22 elect a player, that player will be the target of rogue fleets

    23 Rogue fleet is doubled in power and bounty

    rogue fleet is halved in power and bounty

    24 Elect a player, they cannot conquer planets this round

    25 Elect a player, they cannot barter this round

    26 Elect a player, they disburse half their resources among the other players, rounding up to the player who called this agenda

    27 Elect a player, they gain half their influence as resources this round

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