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    Some questions:

    Stacking points: the rules (page 4) state that the VDV unit is two stacking points but the counters indicate only 1. This has really negative consequences for the Russian VDV units in resolving assaults when it comes to the size of unit remaining in the hex- see the last para in

    Assault: page 7: should the section not read "If the AV is greater than the total DF..."? The next sentence in the para utilizes the word greater.

    why do the German M48 CO's have a higher morale factor when they are reduced but no one else does?

    What is the + 1/2 factor for COL Koval? The para indicates she adds +1 for an assault, what is the "2" for?

    When units are reduced why do they not decrease in stacking points?

    I really like this game, hope you consider making a larger version with more units and scenarios.


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