Scenario #1 - NVA Activation

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    In Scenario #1, it is theoretically possible
    (even if unlikely) that the NVA 334/32 Battalion will not be activated until Turn #6 (the final turn).

    Would a better way to handle this be to state the following under the Scenario Special Rules, #1, "If not activated on Turn #1 or #2, the 334/32 Battalion will automatically activate on Turn #3."

    This would allow the NVA to press the Americans with at least a turn or two or three remaining with the 334/32 Battalion and it might even allow the 7/66 Battalion to get involved in the fight. I would also consider activated 7/66 ONE turn and not two turns after the 334/32 if the 334/32 is activated on Turn #3 or later.

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    The intent of the scenario setup as it is now, is to be variable, so that it changes with each play. You may never activate them until turn 5 or 6 or the 334/32 may activate on turn 1, with the 7/66 coming to bear in turn 3. The US stands little chance of success in that instance, but it's called Desperate Hours for just that reason! :)

    Of course you can always house rule it if you choose. Allowing the units to activate on turn 4 or 5, if they don't activate before. It's your game, play it in the way you find most enjoyable.Hope that helps!
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