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    Hey Everyone,

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    The Scheldt Campaign:
    In late 1944, Allied advances are rapidly outstripping their ability to keep their fighting men in supply. The recently liberated port of Antwerp would alleviate this, but German coastal artillery and mines along the narrow eighty mile Scheldt River render it unusable. The First Canadian Army, which had been in continuous combat since D-Day, is tasked with clearing the Scheldt and opening Antwerp. They're opposed by the 15th German Army, whose under-strength Divisions are composed mostly of new recruits or badly-battered veterans. Confusion, limited logistical depth, and poor communications put the Germans in a desperate situation. With their backs against the wall, the Germans were defeated but fought ferociously, dealing significant casualties, with the brunt of them taken by Canadian soldiers.

    The Grunwald Swords:
    The Battle of Grunwald (15 July 1410) was one of the biggest, and most decisive, engagements of the middle ages. The myth of Teutonic invulnerability - already wobbly after the Battle on the Ice - was shattered by the combined might of Poland, Lithuania, and their allies. Though both sides fielded some infantry, and the Teutonic Order some cannon, cavalry predominated. The sudden withdrawal of the Lithuanian forces left the Poles vulnerable, and their dramatic re-entry onto the battlefield may have been decisive in turning the tide against the Germans. Poland is still immensely proud of their victory over six hundred years later, and the Germans were still feeling sore about it into the twentieth century.

    Agricola, Master of Britain:
    It is the year of Vespasian and Titus - the sixth such ordinary consulship that Titus shared with his Imperial father. The civil war of a decade ago is but a memory, and the Flavians have restored peace and order to all corners of the empire, save one. The people of Brittania remain fiercely resistant to the will of their Roman masters, and the Emperor has charged YOU with the seemingly impossible task of bringing them to heel.



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