Dave 'Arjuna' O'Connor

Command Ops O2 New GUI #1

This is from the new Command Ops 2 engine. Note the floating data palettes, variable icon sizes and the map overlay for friendly anti-personnel firepower.

Command Ops O2 New GUI #1
Dave 'Arjuna' O'Connor, Oct 19, 2014
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    • LnL
      Wow nice and clean..... I like it.
    • Dave 'Arjuna' O'Connor
      The new overlay feature allows the user to display an overlay for the following data:
      • Friendly Anti Personnel (APer) Firepower
      • Friendly Anti Armour (AArm) Firepower
      • Friendly Armour (Arm) Influence
      • Enemy Anti Personnel (APer) Firepower
      • Enemy Anti Armour (AArm) Firepower
      • Enemy Armour (Arm) Influence
      • Movement Foot
      • Movement Motorised
      • Control
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  • Command Ops 2 GUI screenshot.