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Heroes of The Nam New Box Cover

It’s time for another tour of duty, Heroes of the Nam. This squad-level game, with its fast-paced, intense impulse system, drops you right into the middle of Vietnam. This game replaces Forgotten Heroes and ANZAC Attack by updating and expanding it into one complete game .

Heroes of The Nam New Box Cover
David Heath, Oct 5, 2015
    • Frank Kiss
      Hmmm, nice to see a combined re-release of this classic title including Anzac Attack ... but no Aussie infantry counters on the new box front art. (Sigh)
    • David Heath
      We went with the VC since they are never on a cover and it helps make the game stand out.
    • Frank Kiss
      Agree that having the VC infantryman dominating the left hand side of the front cover box art is excellent. Not sure if its my imagination but the counters shown form almost the shape of Vietnam and the large VC image in the west (infiltarting from Cambodia/Ho Chi Mihn Trail) dominating the US image coming inland from the eastern coastal cities.

      Anyway, I just thought at least one of the counters on the background hax map might have been an Aussie/Kiwi ... given that they were the main new faction introduced in the now included expansion ANZAC Attack ... to join the US, ARVN, VC and NVA. Certainly not a deal breaker but just thought it might be apt.

      [Aside: Similarly there is no Brit unit counter on new Heroes in Defiance box front either and they were the main new faction introduced in the HotB expansion, IDD. Just seems strange branding, that's all.]
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