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Steve Overton's Fire Team Red Eclipse1

Here is a new look at Steve Overton's Fire Team Red Eclipse.

Steve Overton's Fire Team Red Eclipse1
David Heath, Aug 8, 2017
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    • Håkan Lundgren
      Wow, very nice and subdued colorscheme! Now it is really coming together.
      I like the dashed elevation lines.

      Although I feel...
      ...the overall text size on the T-80BV (vehicles in general I guess) is rather large. What if it had the same size as all the other (infantry/SW) counters. The counters would then feel lighter and more easily read.
      ...the 'S' for size is somewhat superfluous.
      ...make the 'T' for tracked movement either super/sub-scripted.
      ...the closed turret circle shouldn't be as dominant, a smaller one would suffice.

      The infantry and SW counters is very nice indeed!
      As I understand it the maps are more or less done. It would be nice with a preview of a full map.

      Just my ¥2

      / Håkan
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