David Heath
Oct 14, 2014
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Mar 7, 1965 (Age: 55)
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Pueblo West, Colorado
Owner of LnL Publishing

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David Heath

Administrator, Male, 55, from Pueblo West, Colorado

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Slowly Going the Way of the Buffaloes Jan 31, 2015

    1. Ron Belcher
      Ron Belcher
      Order ID: 30140
      Date Added: 12/06/2019
      Lock 'n Load Tactical Solo LLP313640
      Total $75.69
      I have not yet received the refund to my Paypal account as of this date, 30/06/2019. I did see that not only was the order cancelled, it was fully removed also from my Order History. I submitted an Open Ticket with Paypal Resolution Department.
    2. Screamin' Eagle
      Screamin' Eagle
      I'm creating graphics for Easy Company chits for scenarios in the new "We Stand Alone" book. I have used the scanned images from the Heroes of Normandy Airborne pieces, but everything else has been redone for greater contrast. The officers pieces are all from scratch. Is it OK to put these on Boardgame Geek for anyone that wants to save a couple of days work; I'll make it clear that they are for "We Stand Alone".
    3. Doug Coleman
      Doug Coleman
      Good morning!

      I'm following up from a twitter conversation we had over the last couple of days concerning supporting the Extra Life @ Macon event coming up November 11. We have an extensive play and win section that I would love to have Lock 'n Load Publishing be apart of. If you'd like some more information, please contact me at dcoleman[at]extralifeatmacon.com.
    4. Ron Belcher
      Ron Belcher
      David, I seen this post left back in May 2017 in the Chatroom Lobby. I was not sure if Marc Guenette was successful in contacting LnL.
      Please see his post in the Chatrooms under Lobby.
      /salute - Ron B.
    5. Dave Deitch
      Dave Deitch
      Yes got it reply on the way.
    6. Johan Vadengren
      Johan Vadengren
      Iv been trying to get help with my support Ticket Id: ABXQ-ZL1. Its been over 20 days and the issu is still unresolved.
    7. Qwirz
      (Part II)).....There should not be a reference to good and bad in war games titles. Wichever side I play...they are the "good" ones! :)
      Just a thought.
      Keep on with your excellent work.
      You at LnL opened a new wonderful door to our hobby.
      Hope your son is getting better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    8. Qwirz
      Hi Dave!
      Just wandering about the title "Heroes AGAINST the Red Star". IMHO the word "against" could sound a bit harsh to our eastern front fellow gamers. Are they the bad guys and we the good ones? This is not an "historicized" event, but an "actual" one (though no one desires a WWIII!!!!!). ........
    9. dippysea
      hi, will there be a commanders pack special offer in the near future. I have played the 3 free scenarios and (mostly :-) like what I see. I would like to purchase the game, but cannot justify $120. The $50 offer is a no brainer, and I would like to get it as soon as the offer returns.
      1. David Heath
        David Heath
        I can not say when a sale or special will happen but I am sure they will again.

        Jul 20, 2015
    10. David Heath
      David Heath
      Slowly Going the Way of the Buffaloes
    11. David Heath
      David Heath
      Looking for the next big thing!
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    Mar 7, 1965 (Age: 55)
    Home Page:
    Pueblo West, Colorado
    Owner of LnL Publishing
    I am currently the owner and operator of Lock 'n Load Publishing. I was the founder and CEO of The Gamers Network, The Wargamer, and Matrix Games.

    I’ve been playing games in some way or another for most of my life. They are and have always been a large part of who I am. I knew since high school I wanted to design, developed and play games and if I could make a living at it, then even better.

    I have more games than I will likely ever play, but that does not stop me from trying something new or picking up that game that catches my eye.

    My very, first board game at the old age of 15 was Avalon Hill’s Rise and Decline of the Third Reich, which I had purchased at a Toys R Us of all places. It’s still one of my favorite board games to this day. I can’t truly remember my first computer game, but I think it was East Front on my Atari 800 computer.

    Some of my favorite game designers are Mark Herman and Eric Lee Smith on the tabletop and Gary Grigsby and Norm Koger on a digital platform. There are many other games I enjoy, but these designers never seem to fail me.

    God blessed me with great parents that put up with my friends' gaming all night at our house. If that was not enough, I am blessed with a beautiful wife who has never minded my gaming hobby. She has cooked some of the best meals for my gaming sessions with my friends.

    I have three sons who all love playing games. Tabletop, computer and of course Xbox. They love attending conventions with me, and now have many of their friends playing with us. So I feel I done my best to help carry the hobby going forward and made a lot of great friends along the way.
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