Adriatic trilogy Version 1.1

Three battles on the front of the Dalmatian islands

  1. Dordo
    Adriatic Trilogy

    Hello all,
    with these three scenarios I wanted to recreate the most significant clashes of this secondary and little known war front.

    1) Korcula (historical scenario) Operation Herbstgewitter II - One of the most effective operations of the Wehrmacht against Tito's partisans.

    2) Vis (hypothetical scenario) Freischutz-II Operation - Invasion of Lissa executed simultaneously with the allied raid on Solta (Operation Detained).

    3) Brac (hypothetical scenario) Operations Eisbär-Kranich - Evacuation anticipated of the island of Brac and in correspondence with a allied raid (Operation FLOUNCED).

    Last but not least, two words on the image (.sam) chosen for the presentation of the scenario: given that in this operational theater there were female combat units, a small recognition for all women who, on one side and the other in WWII, lost life for their ideals (whether they were right or wrong).

    Every suggestion is welcome.

    Biblio :
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