Battle for Caen 1.0

The Command Ops 2 scenario pack covering the liberation of Caen

  1. J. van Limpt
    J. van Limpt
    Version: 0.96
    These scenarios are very well made and a joy for every wargamer. They also show how brilliant and versatile this game is. Thank you!
  2. john connor
    john connor
    Version: 0.86
    So far (still on day 1) an excellent scenario on a truly outstanding map. Superb work, Bie.
    SPOILER ***
    I love the hint in the briefing about Tilly-sur-Seulles. I can say that I tasked the DLI and the 24th Lancers to take Tilly and they are certainly not going to be able to do it. There is a huge Axis presence moving in there, with strong armoured attacks launched and devastating enemy arty fire onto the attackers. I think 'going west' is going to be the only way.....