Battle for Caen 1.0

The Command Ops 2 scenario pack covering the liberation of Caen

  1. Charnwood and Skirmish at Carpiquet Airfield released

    - Two new scenarios released:
    • Charnwood
    • Skirmish at Carpiquet Airfield
  2. Correction for Field Regiments in Goodwood -Atlantic

    - Corrected the Field Regiments in the Goodwood - Atlantic scenario. Most of the British and Canadian units were designated as batteries in stead of regiments(!) and thus were seriously under equipped.
  3. Including correct estab

    - Adding correct estab file
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  4. Shutting the Trap scenario added

    - The hypothetical Shutting the Trap scenario has been added

    - Typo and spelling corrections for both XXX Corps' Right Pincer and Goodwood - Atlantic
  5. Forgot to include map graphics

    - Forgot to include the map graphics for the Goodwood - Atlantic scenario in the previous upload
  6. Goodwood - Atlantic scenario released

    - Release of the scenario Goodwood - Atlantic

    - XXX Corps' Right Pincer updates:
    • Updated OOB to be more consistent with Goodwood - Atlantic
    • Objectives tweaks
    • Reduced the timeframe of the scenario by about 12 hours
  7. Correction in minor road modifier

    - Corrected the minor road motorized modifier to 65
    - Corrected some spelling errors
  8. Correction in map cache

    - Correction in map cache: Some terrain features didn't show as they should.
    - Slight objective tweak for the Axis side
  9. Map and OOB tuning

    - Added more features to the map: Mainly bocage and hedges.
    - Estab tuning: British support platoons and Motor battalions are now correctly portrayed.
    - Order of battle tuning: Added some more German troops. Let the British troops enter the battlefield at a slower rate.
    - Objectives tuning.