Command Ops 2 - Brabant Breakthrough v1.0

3 linked Command Op2 Scenarios set in the Netherlands, May 1940, zipfile

  1. Pieter
    Command Ops 2 - Contains 3 scenario files, 3 mapfiles, 1 Estab file and 1 Estab Images folder.

    Brabant Breakthrough consists of three linked scenarios. The first one is historical and depicts the German breakthrough of the 'Peel line' in Brabant, the Netherlands on May 10, 1940. The second one is a 'What if' scenario, also set in Brabant, in which French forces try to hold up the German advance. The third scenario is partly historical, partly 'What If', and covers German airborne attack on the Moerdijk bridges and the Allied counterattacks.


    Pieter 'tukker' Schouten

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