Command Ops 2 - D-Day Scenario v1.0

Ubiquitous excellent small airborne D-Day scenario converted for CO2

  1. john connor
    The file is a 7 zip zipped folder.
    1.Take the 'Bocage Country' graphics pack and put it into the 'map' sub folder within your 'graphics' folder within the main CO2 directory.
    2. Take the 'cop' file 'Carentan V2' along with the carentan cache file and place both in your 'Map' directory in the main CO2 directory.
    3. Place the 2 scenario cos files into a suitable sub folder (make one if you haven't got - 'my scenarios, for example)) of your scenarios folder in the main CO2 directory.

    There are two versions of the scenario. Version 2 is Greg's original. The alt version is with my tweakings, which include some balancing and some randomised and deliberate changing of the unit and leader ratings to reflect the high quality, supposedly, of the airborne troops etc. Greg had left the stats generic in the original.


    Let me know if it works, or of there any issues please.
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