Command Ops 2 - From the Meuse to the Rhine AAR v1.0

This is snippets from another old AAR, that I have placed into a pdf. Hope you enjoy reading it.

  1. Daz
    This is an old AAR that was very fragmented on the forums, so I have placed it in this pdf. In this AAR I am on the offensive playing as the Allies.

    It's my best attempt at playing the Epic "From the Meuse to the Rhine" scenario. It's probably the largest, and most complex scenario in the Command Ops Line-up.

    The effort that went into making the scenario, the research, building the map and the estabs, must have been a labor of love and is most definitely a work of art.

    I take my hat off to Richard Simovitch, the designer, and thank him for this amazing scenario.

    It’s such a huge scenario that I decided I would just post the more important events, rather than trying to cover the whole scenario, hence my title, "Snippet’s from the Meuse to the Rhine."

Recent Reviews

  1. J. van Limpt
    J. van Limpt
    Version: 2017-01-31
    Another beauty. Thank you very much, Daz!
  2. David Heath
    David Heath
    Version: 2017-01-31
    Great read