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Heroes of North Africa Desert Raiders Print and Play Mod

Heroes of North Africa Desert Raiders Print and Play Mod v2

These print-and-play countersheets (2-sided, 6 files in all, to make 3 countersheets total) add light raiding forces to Heroes of North Africa.

Before mounting the printed sheets, I recommend trimming off the white borders (at least the top and one side) to help you align the front and back sides.

The counterset gives you units and vehicles of the Long Range Desert Group and Special Air Service with some of their historical leaders, special heroes, and 1941 and 1942 versions of the vehicles used by the Italian Autosahariana companies. I included several counters for a Free French turreted armored car, and some new merkers and terrain pieces (sentries, parked aircraft, Lewes Bombs, desert fort).

Here are several ways you can use these counters:
1. The "Night Moves" scenario in the original HoNA rulebook uses "vanilla" counters as stand-ins for the actual troops and vehicles that fought in the airfield raid scenario. Use these counters to play with the actual units.

2. Use your HoNA Scenario Generator to create your own battles in the desert.

3. Adapt some of the desert raiding scenarios in the Flames of War miniatures rulesets (most of these are available online as free downloadable PDFs).

4. Play a campaign using the operational solitaire minigame, "Long Range Desert Group," by Decision Games. When you get a battle, forgo the abstracted combat system and use LnLT's Heroes of North Africa and these counters instead. [This is how I plan to use them. In the future, I plan to upload some player aids to help translate the LRDG game counters to specific tactical orders of battle using these LNLT counters, as well as a set of modded campaign event cards and suggested scenarios.]
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