Heroes of the Falklands One Long Naval Unit Counter v1.0

Rings of Hills, Heroes of the Falklands, Lock 'n Load Tactical

  1. David Heath
    As we have reported we will not be re-releasing Ring of Heroes Expansion. We have decided to make this game into a complete stand alone game and titled it Heroes of the Falklands.

    In the original Ring of Hills Expansion game there was a long naval counter that was about the same size as three squads in the game. We decided not to make a custom counter die for one unit used in one scenario.

    A few fans stated they wanted to make there own counter instead of using our three counter naval counter. Michael Nagel suggested we make it available as a download and thought it was a great idea and here it is.

    Falklands Front Box Cover.jpeg Falkands 1 of 3.jpeg ARA Guerrico Counter.jpg
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