LnLT Operational Vehicle and Crew Protection Rules

LnLT Operational Vehicle and Crew Protection Rules

  1. Stefano G.

    i am a great LnLT enthusiastic player and i like to add some little update to make this nice Squad Level game better and better (IMHO) .
    I like to share my thoughts with you and receive your comments and feed-back.

    LnLT is a good "malleable" game system that allows you to introduce little adjustments or short new rules without twisting game dynamics itself.

    My first adjustments, i like to post here, regards vehicles and their protection for unbuttoned crew or passengers.

    According to official rule, vehicles offer their lowest armor value as crew/passenger cover protection in defensive Die roll modifier...but it sounds a bit excessive that a Mk VI Tiger can cover crew or external passengers as a tracked "stone building" (they offer the same +4 to defensive die roll): established that any vehicle armour hatch is small caliber bullet-proof, hatch crew cover should depend on its size and form, not on thickness of its armor...so, a T-34 large hatch should cover as, if not better than, a Tiger one but, according to LnL rule, it is not so. (T-34 has a +3 against Tiger's +4). In addition, external passengers (so concentrated) were very exposed to small arms fire as preferred target.

    Here are my adjustments to 17.2 Small-arms vs. Armored Vehicles rule for Open vehicle crew and its inside passenger:
    "The vehicle adds the TM of the terrain in its Location and a standard +2 factor to its die roll"
    "For external passengers, the vehicle adds only the TM of the terrain in its Location; no armor factor is added to defensive die roll"

    For sake of simplicity, i so thought to give a standard "+2" (the same of wreck/vehicle TM) to all armoured vehicles for their open crew/internal passengers and no vehicle armour modifier for external passengers.