Lock 'n Load Tactical Core Rules PDF Edition v5.0 Rev52

Latest Core Rules for the Lock 'n Load Tactical Game System PDF Format

  1. David Heath
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    For over 15 years the Lock 'n Load Tactical (LnLT) system has set a new standard in Squad-level gaming. Its innovative gameplay mechanics, unparalleled artwork, historical scope, and accessibility have entertained veterans and new gamers alike. Over that time, our rules have grown, too, introducing new unit capabilities and concepts; they have also matured in their presentation.

    The LnLT v5.0 rules manual contains the latest set of guidelines and regulations for the game system. Our goal is to present the rules in a straightforward manner without disrupting their existing structure and foundation. One of the biggest difference between the v5.0 and the v4.1 rules is that the World War II- and Modern-era core rules are no longer separate, making these rules a more comprehensive set, for use with the entire system. For clarity, some rules sections have been modified not with content but with a new structure, e.g., additional subsections, more bullet points, or more images and examples—and even in-depth examples. Additional cross-referencing of rules expanded unit-image diagrams and a detailed Index has also been added.

    Other new additions to the v5.0 rules are numbered examples within each rules section and the implementation of a hexagonal color-coding system in the Table of Contents and throughout the manual, to make referencing certain sections and subsections easier. Two new rules sections have been added: one on Scenario Information, which breaks down how scenarios are laid out, to aid new gamers; and another on unique Weapons and Equipment. And a Series Resources section introduces new and veteran gamers to additional ways to expand and enjoy the LnLT system. We have added Video and Audio aids for the manual to help learn the system.

    Learning any game system can be daunting, but don’t be dissuaded; we use a large font-size, to accommodate the eyes, and have lots of examples, to illustrate the mechanics. Further, the best way to learn is to have another person show you how to play, but that’s not always an option. We encourage new players to read the two gameplay narratives (for infantry and vehicles/ ordnance) found at the back of the booklet before reading the rules, to familiarize yourself with how a scenario plays in an intuitive and observational manner.

    Rev2 Update: We added the helicopter results to the combat tables. They are included in games that have helicopters. We also updated one icon on the Ordnance vs Armor [14.1] Reference table. Please Note: These updates are also included in our support materials.

    Additional LnLT Resources

    LnLT v5.0 Print Edition Available -

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    LnLT v5.0 Bootcamp Training Videos -

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    Please Note: There is no difference between the PDF Edition and this Printed Edition of the rules.
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Recent Reviews

  1. RobinHood
    Version: v5.0 Rev52
    Complete, colorful and readable rulebook for free. Super impressed, and well put together rulebook. I grabbed the hardback based on the PDF (totally not needed, but I like books). I found the font size easy to read, colorful pages engaging, and the additional narrative tutorials very effective. Great job and great support!
  2. Rcub3
    Version: v5.0 Rev2
    Fantastic. It is much longer than anything before it (I've been playing since first edition LnL), but it is very comprehensive. It leaves very little for the reader to have to figure out on their own.

    The manual is very well cross-referenced AND very redundant, the latter which helps with rules-retention and makes things easier to find during play (ie. "This paragraph talks about this rule, but where was that ONE line that pointed out this one exception that applied to this rule, etc etc").

    Love the new Laying Smoke rules. It makes Laying smoke ever so slightly more efficient than before.
  3. NewbieSalmon
    Version: v5.0
    "Lock N Load Publishing" Has done it again, a complete and concise set of rules that is unparalleled today. While 4.1 was clear enough and didn't give me a severe headache, this one is no contest, this is the BEST rulebook I've ever had the pleasure of reading.

    Thanks for the hard work LNL! This is an amazing feat, and for that I'm giving this a solid 5/5. I wish you all the best of luck in the future.
    1. David Heath
      Author's Response
      Over 500+ downloads in less than 24 hours and only one review. Please let us know what you think.