Lock 'n Load Tactical Starter Kit v4.1

Lock 'n Load Tactical Starter Kit v4.1

  1. David Heath
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    Not Sure if Lock ‘n Load Tactical is for You?

    For gamers, it’s not always easy to know if a tactical game system is the right one for you. We feel that Lock ’n Load Tactical (LnLT) is one of the best tactical game systems out there; it’s quick to learn, fun to play, and presents conflicts from the 1930s to the present. The idea behind this Starter Kit is to put our money where our mouth is once again and prove it. The LnLT Starter Kit gives you everything you need to try our tactical system and, in the process, turn you into a fan as well.

    We used the World War II Era rules as the base guide for the LnLT System. The World War 2 Era rules are fully compatible with our Modern Era system only the game tables are different.

    We provided these rules to give a full picture of our tactical system. Players can download FREE complete editions of both our World War II and Modern Era Rule Books on our website If that is not enough, there is a LnLT Game Play Walkthrough that uses this Starter Kit to walk you through the game step by step, playing out a scenario.

    LnLT Starter Kit - Print n Play Edition: https://goo.gl/5rJJsJ

    World War II Era Core Rules: https://goo.gl/oc7MPz
    Modern Era Core Rules: https://goo.gl/VtaS11
    LnLT Walkthrough: https://goo.gl/qGZ7i4

Recent Reviews

  1. Mark Drake
    Mark Drake
    Version: v4.1
    Great way to start--like extra Nam scenario too (Weapons Cache)