Namur - Bridgehead over the Meuse 22.01.19

What If scenario for CO2

  1. miya

    years ago I created a map of Namur, Belgium and the surrounding area. Unfortunately I lost interest and forgot the file on my hard drive.

    During the last weeks I returned to CO2 and finally I had an idea for a decent Command Ops scenario.

    One major thought in this one is, I want to explore what decisions must be made by the commanding officer if there is not enough fuel to attack with all the available troops.
    Please test it and make suggestions how to improve the scenario.

    Copy the *.cop and *.cop.cache file into the Maps folder. The *.bmp and *.cos file go into the ..\Scenarios\-User- Scenarios\ directory.

    Have fun


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  1. small update to AI objectives

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  1. Bie
    Version: 22.01.19
    Great scenario