Nations At War Scenario Guide 2015-06-21

Nations At War Scenario Guide

  1. David Heath
    The Nations At War scenario list was started by Matt Lohse and is intended as a guide to which scenarios require parts from the hopefully large range of Nation At War products. This may not be perfect, so if I make any mistakes please let us know.

    We are starting to get more items in this series, so this list might actually be of use to someone now.

    WSR: White Star Rising
    LOF#: Line of Fire, Issue #
    DH: Desert Heat
    OC: Operation Cobra
    ST: Stalin's Triumph
    Air: WSR: Airborne

    White Star Rising - Base Game
    All scenarios are playable with WSR itself.

    Basic Scenarios
    1. Noville: WSR
    2. Le Hauderie : WSR
    3. Vierville: WSR
    4. Cologne: WSR

    Advanced Scenarios
    5. Chaumont: WSR
    6. Bastogne: WSR
    7. Carentan: WSR
    8. Remagen: WSR
    9. Hurtgen : WSR
    10. Elsenborn Ridge: WSR
    11. Omaha Beach: WSR
    12. Normandy: WSR
    13. Luneville: WSR
    14. Paderborn: WSR
    15. Bieville: WSR
    16. Arnhem: WSR

    Preorder Bonus Scenarios
    17. Marvie: WSR
    18. Utah Beach: WSR

    Line of Fire Magazine Scenarios

    Line of Fire Magazine, starting with LOF9 had scenarios for the Nations At War games. Please Note that it is assumed that any scenarios in a LOF will require at least one of the boxed games for the rules and information markers, but this list will only deal with requirements for games/expansions for a given scenario.

    LOF8, December 2010: No NaW scenarios in this issue.

    LOF9, March 2011

    1. Point 213: WSR, LOF9
    2. Point 213- The Next Day: WSR, LOF9
    Normandy Mini-Campaign...
    3. Scenario 1: WSR
    4. Scenario 2: WSR
    5. Scenario 3: WSR

    LOF10: june 2011.
    1. NAN-White: WSR, LOF10

    Arnhem Campaign
    2. Scenario 1: WSR, LOF10
    3. Scenario 2: WSR, LOF10
    4. Scenario 3: WSR, LOF10
    5. Scenario 4: WSR, LOF10
    6. Scenario 5: WSR, LOF10

    LOF11: October 2011
    No NaW scenarios.

    LOF12: April 2012
    1. Queen of Battle: WSR

    From LOF issue 13, October 2012.

    1. Come As You Are: WSR
    2. Groesbeek Heights: WSR, OC
    3. Operation Goodwood, Day 1: WSR, OC
    4. Operation Goodwood, Day 2: WSR, OC

    From LOF Issue 14, Late 2013
    1. Drive to Stolberg: WSR
    2. Oh Canada!: WSR, OC, LOF14
    3. Barce, Libya: DH, LOF14

    From LOF Issue 15, Feb. 2015.
    1. Incident at Kruisounten: WSR
    2. Confusion Near Carentan: WSR
    3. You Shall Not Pass!: WSR, Cobra

    Operation Cobra - Expansion

    14 scenarios, all need WSR for at least the maps.

    Cobra Campaign
    Cobra Scenario 1: WSR, OC
    Cobra Scenario 2: WSR, OC
    Cobra Scenario 3: WSR, OC
    Cobra Scenario 4: WSR, OC
    Cobra Scenario 5: WSR, OC

    Stand Alone scenarios
    Scenario 1: Mont Ormel Ridge: WSR, OC
    Scenario 2: Operation Totalize: WSR, OC
    Scenario 3: Mortain: WSR, OC
    Scenario 4: Mont Pincon: WSR, OC
    Scenario 5: Rolling Forward: WSR, OC
    Scenario 6: ST. Lambert-Sur-Dives: WSR, OC
    Scenario 7: Chambois: WSR, OC
    Scenario 8: Alencon: WSR, OC
    Scenario 9: Hebecrevon: WSR, OC


    White Star Rising Tournament Pack

    4 scenarios, needs WSR and Cobra to play them all.

    1. Swap Meet: WSR
    2. Clash at the Crossroads: WSR
    3. Trouble with Bridges: WSR, OC
    4. Break on Through: WSR, OC


    Desert Heat - Base Game

    Standalone game. 16 scenarios.

    1. Mechili I: DH
    2. Beda Fomm: DH
    3. Mechili II: DH
    4. Tobruk I: DH
    5. Bir-el-Gubi: DH
    6. Sidi Rezegh: DH
    7. Bir Hacheim: DH
    8. Tobruk II: DH
    9. Gazala: DH
    10. El Alamein: DH
    11. El Guettar: DH
    12. Faid: DH
    13. Sidi Bou Zid: DH
    14. Kasbah: DH
    15. Medjez-el-Bab: DH
    16. Kasserine Pass: DH


    White Star Rising: Airborne

    14 scenarios, 10 of which were previously in LOF and 4 of which are totally new. 1 of the scenarios requires some pieces from Op. Cobra, the rest just WSR.

    Normandy Mini-Campaign [originally in LOF9]...
    1. Scenario 1: WSR
    2. Scenario 2: WSR
    3. Scenario 3: WSR

    Arnhem Campaign [originally in LOF10]
    1. Scenario 1: WSR, Air [or technically LOF10]
    2. Scenario 2: WSR, Air [or technically LOF10]
    3. Scenario 3: WSR, Air [or technically LOF10]
    4. Scenario 4: WSR, Air [or technically LOF10]
    5. Scenario 5: WSR, Air [or technically LOF10]

    Market Garden Stand alone scenarios [from LOF13]
    1. Come As You Are: WSR
    2. Groesbeek Heights: WSR, OC

    Noville Scenarios [new]
    1. Attack Countered: WSR
    2. Dancing at Dawn: WSR
    3. By the Skin of their Teeth: WSR
    4. Last Call: WSR


    Stalin's Triumph

    It has been stated that Stalin's Triumph will have 16 scenarios and will be a standalone game. If there are any changes to that I will post them here.

    This section will be updated when the game is released.



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  1. John Alsen
    John Alsen
    Version: 2015-06-21
    A list such as this is always handy. Too bad its not downloadable. Now where's the WaW list?
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      Hi John
      A download version is now online.