Pegasus Bridge 1.2

The Pegasus Bridge scenario pack for Command Ops 2

  1. Struggle for Bréville scenario added

    • Struggle for Bréville scenario added
    Struggle for Bréville Overview.png
    • Further objective tweaks for Sword to Caen scenario: both forces should now be less likely to bunch up
    • Nomenclature changes for British tank squadrons
  2. Various updates and corrections to Sword to Caen

    - OOB changes:
    • The stock support companies of the British have been broken down to correct support platoons
    • British Field Regiments are now of correct size
    • Additions for the Allies: the complete 51st Infantry Division has been modeled
    • Additions for the Axis: the complete 711th and 346th Infanterie Division have been modeled
    - Objective tweaks: it should now be harder to capture Caen.
    - Unit name changes for better continuity between my other scenarios
    - Changed...
  3. Correction in minor road modifier

    - Corrected the minor road motorized modifier to 65
  4. Correction

    Put in an outdated estab file in the zip file by mistake. Correct one is now included.
  5. General cleanup

    - Changed map graphics from the default to a custom one
    - Added subfolders for easier installation
    - Added small changes to the map
    - Light estab tuning
    - Added correct signatures for debriefings
  6. Full release of the "Sword to Caen" scenario

    Finally, the "Sword to Caen" scenario is finished.

    - Added flavour texts for quite a bit of units
    - Briefing texts added
    - Slight OOB changes (forgot to put in some of the unit's bases)
    - Mixed up some of the unit's stats
    - Estab tuning (added Sherman DD's)
    - Slight objectives tuning
  7. Tweaked naval guns, added flavour text

    - Tweaked the Allies' naval guns in terms of armour penetration and its accuracy (they were under powered)
    - Added all of the naval guns to the historical reinforcement schedule
    - Added flavour text for some of the units
  8. Objectives and OOB update

    - Another update for the objectives. Both Allies and Axis will now spread out more as apposed to keeping their units near the center of the map.
    - OOB update: added part of the 51st Highland Division as historical reinforcements. I Corps HQ will now land as well late in the game.
    - Added favourable reinforcement schedules for both sides. Allies wil have full control of the naval Task Force D and another Brigade of the 51st will land on Sword. Axis will have another regiment of the 346th...
  9. Objectives updated

    For the "Sword to Caen" scenario:
    - Objectives are updated so the AI for both sides is more aggressive
    - Fixed correct landing hour for 6th Airlanding Bde (at 21:00h)
    - Minor corrections for some unit names
  10. Updates to the map and positions of German garrisons

    - Fixed polder terrain not showing in game on the Eastern side of the map
    - Made most forts with German garrisons bigger, so they actually show in game.
    - Changed positions of the German garrisons to fit into their forts.