PGE2 (Panther Games Enhancer; Second Generation) v2

Set and recall map hot spots (book marks) for Panthers Games Command Ops 2

  1. MarkShot
    PGE2v1 for CO2 Read Me

    Mark Kratzer - 11/28/15 (freeware/unsupported)

    Panther Games Enhancer for CO2 allows you to assign hot spots (book marks) + zoom level to different locations on the battle map. You may reload them between gaming sessions. This is not a mod. Nothing is changed. Think of it like a programmable keyboard. Even if you leave it loaded, it only functions from within CO2.

    The easiest way to run it is the executable provided. (compiled ANSI 32bit) You will see a green/white H in your system tray. Or you may execute it with the AHK source code provided. If so, you will need to download (open source):

    Hold the MB down before pressing the F-key

    Load hot spots from INI? = No (resets all hot spots), Yes (reloads previous settings)

    LMB+FKey (in Strat Map) = Save hotspot [1 ding]

    LMB+Number (in Main Map) = Set zoom level of last accessed hot spot (1-3 zoom only) [2 dings]

    RMB+Fkey (Main Map) = Recall hotspot

    RMB+Number (Main Map) = Set zoom level default & reset zoom assigned hot spots (1-3 zoom only) [3 dings]

    LMB+Left/Right/Up/Down (Main Map)
    = Nudge map for last hot spot in the given direction


    (1) Control Window must be kept open anywhere!

    (2) Reverse Mouse Zoom must checked in game options!

    (3) Only supports CO2 (use PGE1v3 for HTTR/COTA/BFTB).

    (4) Hot spots supported for F1 - F12.

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