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  1. Wiggum

    LnLT Digital Feature Requests

    There already is hotseat mode
  2. Wiggum

    LnLT Digital Feature Requests

    You can select "big admin counters" in the options, maybe that helps.
  3. Wiggum

    LnLT Digital Feature Requests

    1. I think its important to offer the original (boardgame) proportions map / xmap to counters. Everything else (if included) should be optional. 2. Agree, that sounds like a classic attack not like a meeting engagement, may be a bug 4. Most of the moduls currently released are conversions of...
  4. Wiggum

    A relaxing afternoon at War; LnLT style

    @Stéphane Tanguay Not punched? Or do you put them back after playing? :D
  5. Wiggum

    Changes from 4.1 to 5.0 and 5.0 to 5.1?

    Hi, Is there a document that highlights the changes from 4.1 rules to 5.0 and from 5.0 to 5.1? I mean I know it's mostly small stuff and clarifications. But still such a document would be great.
  6. Wiggum

    Including the TEC and the original scenario cards in to the digital Library

    @Tom Proudfoot What do you think about including more information from the actual Scenario Event Paragraphes into the digital game?
  7. Wiggum

    Bring on the Night - German path to victory?

    There are a few scenarios you can win or basically outright secure a draw as defender simply by setting up in a certain way or delaying your opponent.
  8. Wiggum

    Including the TEC and the original scenario cards in to the digital Library

    I guess the reason why i would like to have them is that some stuff, especially with the Event Paragraphes is still missing from the digital game. Sure you get a popup that tells you about the event but much information has been left out. For example the occupation event in "A Friend in Need"...
  9. Wiggum

    Including the TEC and the original scenario cards in to the digital Library

    But i though you only get access to the stuff in the digital library you own (like modules for the digital version)? So only people who bought the module will have access anyway.
  10. Wiggum

    Including the TEC and the original scenario cards in to the digital Library

    Hi! I think it would be great if you guys could include the TEC's for the different modules as well as the original scenario cards (see sample picture) into the digital library. This would greatly enhance the "boardgame" touch and its just easier to have the scenario card/description open on a...
  11. Wiggum

    Red Star Bug

    By the way, PBEM would be great as an option :)
  12. Wiggum

    Smoke eligibility

    Usually you enter a bug description, your email address ans then click the "send bug report" (or similar) button
  13. Wiggum

    Smoke eligibility

    You should press F3 ingame and report it as bug
  14. Wiggum

    Smoke eligibility

    • Good Order MMCs (but not WTs) not marked by a Moved, Low Crawl, AM, Stealth, H&R, Fired or Ops Complete marker can attempt to lay Smoke in their own or an adjacent hex maybe it's because of one of these conditions
  15. Wiggum

    LnLT Digital Feature Requests

    Thanks for adding that function Tom :)
  16. Wiggum

    LnLT Digital Bug List

    Oh, good call, never realized this is not possible currently. Hope it will be possible soon because placing snipers on higher elevation is something you would want to do. Dont think there is a rule against that.
  17. Wiggum

    Updates for Normandy and Vietnam (and Libya) maps (true LOS)?

    Hi, is there a roadmap for updating the "old" DLC's with the "true LOS" maps to remove the whole hex based LOS? Greetings.
  18. Wiggum

    Update to Unity Engine or "new" game?

    Is there any news on the update?
  19. Wiggum

    LnLT Digital Feature Requests

    How is the music handeled? I see lots of sound files (MG fire, Tank moving) but no music files. Would it be possible to have the music files in a folder like the other sounds so players can replace them with their own? I would love to be able to add some battle ambiance files and have them play...

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