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  1. Keydet

    Questionable performance of 60th Armored Infantry Battalion company commanders first days of the Bulge

    For years I have wondered why Middleton was not more aggressive with 9th AD. I've come round to the belief he understood the limits of 9th AD capability or simply expected it to be like all the other new units. It looks like all 9th AD units experience should not even be Blooded. 2nd Panzer...
  2. Keydet

    Questionable performance of 60th Armored Infantry Battalion company commanders first days of the Bulge

    Cold weather injury evacuations: Co B 28 Co A 11 Co C 5 Author reported reason Co B had so many "was lack of food, warm clothes, and blankets which were left in Beaufort when suddenly ordered into the line on the afternoon of December 16." This is an indicator of inexperience. The CO Co A...
  3. Keydet

    Questionable performance of 60th Armored Infantry Battalion company commanders first days of the Bulge

    Recall all 3 rifle companies were surrounded for several days. These did eventually E&E back to the newly formed lines. However the companies suffered heavy combat casualties. And then there were the cold weather injuries dealt with after the withdrawal. (The cold weather injuries I'll address...
  4. Keydet

    Paul M. Crucq, Strike, Fight, and Conquer: The History of the 60th Armored Infantry Battalion in World War II July 1942 - October 1945

    I can't say enough about this book. Paul M. Crucq, Strike, Fight, and Conquer: The History of the 60th Armored Infantry Battalion in World War II July 1942 - October 1945. I posted a bit on this in the Development sub-Forum when i first opened it. Alas after two months ILL I had to give it...
  5. Keydet

    Seek and Destroy order

    Could go on and on about this. Might be enough to observe during WWII and other wars, companies, battalions, regiments and even divisions were given missions to secure a zone (island, forest, city, or an area defined by terrain features. It's very annoying to have to micro manage chasing down an...
  6. Keydet

    Securing objectives: whack-a-mole

    Believe your question and observations have been raised many times in the past. I know I have at least once. In general something is amiss. Seems like companies are very robotic and superior HQ's are nearly unthinking when subordinates are forced off objectives. But it's complicated. Here is a...
  7. Keydet

    Incisive assessment of the Panther - explains a lot

    Why is the fuel factor setting in the estab editor at all? How is it that a Tiger unit, as an example, carries 3+ fuel tanks loads of fuel with out any fuel trucks in the unit, somehow all shielded within the Tigers (not in Jerry cans strapped all over the tanks - can you imagine?) and the...
  8. Keydet

    Incisive assessment of the Panther - explains a lot

    What I was getting at is there is an hours of operation fuel factor setting in the estab maker. This is used to drive the basic load supply requirement for each estab. The default is 12. All units for all sides which receive 100% start or resupply have enough fuel for uninterrupted all road...
  9. Keydet

    Artillery support needed

    Would like to see equivalent for all sides in context of SP arty in support of mechanised formations in movement to contact. Same for mortars, sp and towed. Especially for German recon battalion battle drill. 4th USAD had a coiled snake battle drill. Fire support had to be very fast for that...
  10. Keydet

    Incisive assessment of the Panther - explains a lot

    A close examination of operational range (distances) per fuel tank load for all vehicles reveals an offensive supporting class and a defensive supporting class of combat vehicles. The analysis at this link gives the deep background why the Panther, perhaps unintentionally, fell into the...
  11. Keydet

    Attack Abandoned

    I checked on the developers side and found discussion centered on the impact of orders delay. Been a long time since I touched a HTTR scenario. But am sure there are not any Allied orders delay in those scenarios. Someone else on the development side will have to give real insight into this...
  12. Keydet

    Attack Abandoned

    I have encountered this as well. Sorry to say I always brushed it off and made a different order. Then failed to do my duty and ask about it. Let me check behind the developer curtain.
  13. Keydet

    [Don't see how to delete this posting

    I do not see how to delete this. Put in wrong place. So I edited it
  14. Keydet

    Retreaters Advice Needed

    Excellent. If there was a lot of time for programming I would suggest a "group think" negative influence on the other units per other units "observing" the retreating unit and the inexperience of the other units. Idea is inexperienced units seeing others cut and run might take very little...
  15. Keydet

    Artillery thread

    Curios opinion. Players are very capable of massing fires as well as conducting a time on target (ToT). In real life the 2nd USID had an unauthorized dedicated comm net for the execution of ToT's. All 3 105mm battalions and the 155mm battalion would fire 2 volleys for simultaneous impact on a...
  16. Keydet

    Artillery thread

    Simplest example A US infantry regiment will have a 105mm howitzer bn in Direct Support. The regiment has a delay or withdrawal order. The artillery battalion will have to move as the retrograde movement of the regiment progresses. Nevertheless the artillery is charged with providing continuous...
  17. Keydet


    I can not get it to work for more than a few minutes between two machine on my home network. And two sessions on the same computer runs well sometimes and others it goes out of sync quickly. Otherwise I would love to rope you into game with my KOAD scenario revisions.
  18. Keydet

    Game won't run

    I'm not the correct person to fix the problem, but thought I would chime in. I too have a 64 bit Win10 system. I have not had this problem or one close to it. So hold on someone will get to the bottom of your problem.
  19. Keydet


    There are a number of things about fire support that sinks my pinball. [I too think it should be left to AI but I don't] The concerns are: 1. There is no transparency to what the AI is doing with My fire support. I don't know nor can I set the priorities of fire. 2. I have no ability to build...
  20. Keydet

    Hello, anybody there

    Seems like sales are continuing. Perhaps most folks here are waiting for the next version. Might check over at Steam for more chatter.

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