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  1. Blackwell Hird

    Mission 3 Scenario Question.....

    Glad to be of help! Please do let me know if you have any other questions!
  2. Blackwell Hird

    Mission 3 Scenario Question.....

    ah, useable means you can move from that node to the connected indoor Node. So if A is Useable, you can move from A to the connected Indoor Node. If that's unclear I can address the wording. As to the Zero-G Teams, you are correct, they are a highly specialized unit. They are the only unit with...
  3. Blackwell Hird

    LnLT Game Log

    Cheers Kallen, Thanks for asking! You can use American Typewriter set to bold to match them together. Upload a sample when you're done, I'd love to see it.
  4. Blackwell Hird

    Enemies in Space Infantry

    Cheers sir! Well, you've certainly picked a weighty subject. Currently, we have a grand total of 11 Unique Enemy Races to Face off against. Like the previous editions of Space Infantry, Each of these Races has between 3-5 unit types to fight against. I'll not be going into super specific...
  5. Blackwell Hird

    Space Infantry and What's New

    Hey guys, Blackwell Here, Lead Developer on Space Infantry: Resurgence. We're currently posting u articles on different features and components in the new game over in our articles section if you're looking for more information.
  6. Blackwell Hird

    Space Infantry Resurgence Status Update

    Currently, SI:R is in development, with new assets and components being created almost every day. We're running a series of articles on the new features and how we've revamped the existing ones to bring it to a cohesive whole. Check out the articles section for more information.
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  9. Blackwell Hird

    Compendium vol.4--Snakes in the Garden map

    The map image and configuration on page 79 is the correct playable configuration. The map identification sentence has been modified in all versions going forward to read "Use Maps 8, 9, 4, and 5 from Heroes of the Nam. Hex rows xx01 on Maps 8 and 9 are north." Thank you for your feedback and...
  10. Blackwell Hird

    Falling Stars Core Rules v1.5 Download Now Available.

    Hi Mark, Currently, all editions of the Core Rulebook are softcover. However, your book should be Labeled 1.5 at the bottom of the cover directly underneath the "Core Rulebook" subtitle. It also appears at the bottom of the credits page o the inside cover. I've attached an image for reference...
  11. Blackwell Hird

    All Things Zombie: Miniatures Fade to Black Errata

    Cheers Scott, This is Backwell Hird. I want to say, you are entirely correct, however, the table you sent is from the older edition rules for Fade to Black. I personally talked to the designer, Ed Teixeira, and the corrected 8.2.1 is how he intended the rule to work. This is why we have the...
  12. Blackwell Hird

    Developer commentary

    Also, in the starter set, each side has their orders color coded on the back for ease of separation. But each side has the same orders to form decks from. However, as we expand, you will see orders specific to their factions strengths, like additional range on the Carthan lasers, or extra punch...
  13. Blackwell Hird

    Developer commentary

    Right, New year, New post. Here's an advanced rule for all you would be space commander yearning to bring some personality to your ship command. remember on the commander cards how there are Discipline Symbols? And a Section for orders? Well Falling Stars will ship with a full suite of Command...
  14. Blackwell Hird

    Developer commentary

    Sorry about not posting this week, I apparently contracted the "horrible evil stomach destro-virus", I believe tis the proper medical designation. I'll be back next week
  15. Blackwell Hird

    Developer commentary

    Also Standby for firing solution, I'll be uploading the core dice mechanics today
  16. Blackwell Hird

    Developer commentary

    You should see what happens when the ELDRIS has to compensate for the "forced" 6 forward movement assigned to her after that last course... the navigator may have overcooked it ;) If your not careful, a game of falling stars can devolve into a pinball match as you try to regain control of your...
  17. Blackwell Hird

    Developer commentary

    Each system was designed to a great game in its own right. Taken together, you have a really engaging and fun set of options to command your ship with.
  18. Blackwell Hird

    Developer commentary

    Secondly, and just as cool, lets do an illustrated blow by blow on plotting a course. This won't include clever orders from your commander, or fighter squads, just a commander attempting to pilot a ship that weighs slightly more than Blenheim Palace through a tricky stretch of space. The...
  19. Blackwell Hird

    Developer commentary

    IM BACK! As you can probably guess, the new web site kind swallowed both my hands for the past month or so. But I'm back and I'll try to keep up the pace. And, per the excellent feedback above I have answers and a walkthrough on how to navigate your warship: First: The measurements. All...
  20. Blackwell Hird

    Developer commentary

    Actually... I'm preparing a print and play demo for the forums. People can download and print out 2 ships with a complete set of cards and weapons and have a 1v1 battle to learn the rules. The rule book won't include such awesome things a commanders, orders, events or other things but it will...

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