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  1. The Plodder

    Wrecks markers

    Do helicopters leave wrecks markers? I'm fairly sure they don't but want to make sure.
  2. The Plodder

    4.2 CAS anti aircraft fire

    If you add eligible units to an attack for the 2FP dice bonus, do they also become ops complete? Also, they don't have to be the same type of AA do they? For example I'm attacking a Frogfoot with a Stinger but the neighbouring M1s are helping out and adding 2FP dice. Is this correct?
  3. The Plodder

    Scenario 18: Pandemonium

    In the setup, It's asking for 3 BDRM-2s for 4MSD(1 for 2/4 and 2 for 1/4) when there is only 2 in the counter mix. I'm assuming there is only supposed to be 1 each?
  4. The Plodder

    Solo Assitant - Blue Execute Victory Conditions text

    On some cards the text is displayed as "Execute Victory Conditions" and on others as "Execute Victory Conditions" with no coloured text. Is there anything special about this or is it just a printing inconsistency?
  5. The Plodder

    Blood & Fury Kickstarter

    I know, I know, we haven't even finished the first Kickstarter and I'm asking about the next one. :) However, is there a time-frame for this one and will it be about the same price wise?
  6. The Plodder

    Utterly ridiculous shipping charges

    I've got a little spare money from a used game sale in my paypal account and I thought I'd purchase the Scenario Generator for HOtNam. Until I saw the shipping charge, $46.50! Are you serious? That's over double the value of the item! I realise that shipping rates have gone up in the US, but...
  7. The Plodder

    Firing at unspotted units

    Here's a house rule I've devised that you could use on unspotted units. It came up in a conversation over at Grogheads. It's completely untested btw but might be worth a look.. You could fire on an unspotted unit but would pay a penalty where you're only using half fire power as you're firing...
  8. The Plodder

    Digital editions of Battle Generators for sale?

    Would it be possible to buy digital editions of these? I'm interested in buying the Heroes of the Nam version but international shipping basically doubles the price so buying it in PDF form would be great. (BTW the shop page for the Heroes of the Nam Battle Generator still says a free version...
  9. The Plodder

    Dice can be so cruel...

    Cross-posted from Grogheads: I'm currently having a solo play through of "The Cavalry" scenario from Heroes of the Nam. This is my first proper game of LnL Tactical so I've been making some mistakes and referring to the rule book a lot. The major turning point has been 2 sections (squads) of...
  10. The Plodder

    Some Errata for Heroes of the Nam

    Received my copy today, very nice. :) Noticed a couple of things while browsing: On the turn track aid ARVN is spelt AVRN on the casualties box. In the Battle of Long Tan scenario, the wrong maps are displayed. It shows maps 1 and 2 but should be 4 and 5. they're also in the wrong orientation...
  11. The Plodder

    Knock on all Doors Overview maps

    Here's larger resolution maps from the designer notes for you too look at. Enjoy. :) O-Tag Series: Decision Series: Knock Series: Big Knock Series:
  12. The Plodder

    Are the Battle Generators packaged with pre-orders like X-Maps?

    Or are they going to be separate purchases, regardless?
  13. The Plodder

    View all scenarios

    One thing I'd like to see is the ability to view all scenarios from all modules in the scenario selection screen at once.
  14. The Plodder

    Explicit Supply Columns

    I remember back in the day of COTA when the supply features first came out and it was shown that supply columns were abstracted due to cpu restraints. Is that still the case now or is the bottleneck still the threading? Hopefully one day we will be able to see the actual supply columns on the...
  15. The Plodder

    FIXED 5.1.14 - Scenmaker- Force info/view intel report right click not showing

    In Scenmaker, If I right click on a unit to view it's force info in normal mode, I get the option to view terrain info or force info. If I click on force info nothing happens. I can view terrain info though. Same thing in Intel Display Mode. Double clicking a unit will show it's unit info when...
  16. The Plodder

    ScenMaker - change unit icon sizes

    In the scenmaker, there's no way to change the size of the unit icons or to turn off the additional states. Could you make it that when you change the settings in game options that it will affect all applications?
  17. The Plodder

    UI - "Sort by" not working while switching modules

    When you sort a module by anything other than name, if you switch modules the scenarios will be sorted by name while the sort by button will show what you originally pushed. Here is foothill of the gods sorted by start date: and if I change modules, the scenarios are sorted by name when they...
  18. The Plodder

    Bulge Scenarios in chronological order

    I've created this document to help me with development of the Situation maps for the Bulge data packs and I figured that some of you might also find it helpful to see at glance what scenarios are set when. The scenarios are colour-coded to show what data pack they belong to and if the scenario...
  19. The Plodder

    PC Gamer's "The 20 best wargames of all time " Look at who's at no 6.. ;)

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