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  1. *budd*

    LnLT Digital Feature Requests

    Better victory screen, all is says is this side won. How about stats, casualties overall, casualties by unit, something to dress up the end screen.
  2. *budd*

    How to add Steam friends

    When can we expect the MP to work with the rest of the modules? Also, can it be worked out to add anyone on your friend list to the game friend list, instead of having them being in the menu at the exact same time. Haven't decided whether ill get the rest of the modules yet. i've always had...
  3. *budd*

    How to add Steam friends

    Thanks for the info, sir
  4. *budd*

    How to add Steam friends

    Bought the starter game to try it out. I see where it says add friend, but can't click anything. Is this feature live?
  5. *budd*

    Early Screenshot

    Almost a year without a response. doesn't look good.
  6. *budd*

    Tank On Tank Digital Steam Keys Now Available

    Roger that, thx for the reply.
  7. *budd*

    Tank On Tank Digital Steam Keys Now Available

    I posted in the announcement thread on steam keys, no response, I'll try here. I own tank on tank East Front, had no problem getting the steam key but when I try to activate on steam it says I need to own the main game for this key to work so it doesn't activate the game. Looks like it's...
  8. *budd*

    Steam Keys for LnLP Customers Now Available

    CO2 modules all activated fine, thank you.
  9. *budd*

    Steam Keys for LnLP Customers Now Available

    i followed the above instructions and got my steam key for Tank on Tank-East front but it says i have to install the original game. The product code you entered requires another product to be activated. I only own East Front. Off to try CO2
  10. *budd*

    Steam sale for Command Ops

    Hear what your saying. You just released on Steam, presence on the forums after release is important, a must i would say. Just hoping the Steam release is a big success and the series keeps moving forward.
  11. *budd*

    Steam sale for Command Ops

    Communication here and on the Steam forums could be better, people just want to be informed. Hope everything is OK with Dave, hasn't been around in awhile.
  12. *budd*

    What's next for Command Ops?

    No idea yet, no core update has been released.I'm in wait and see mode, I'll reserve judgement until then.
  13. *budd*

    Tank On Tank Digital Now Available On Steam

    i purchased the East front game, will I be able to get a steam key?
  14. *budd*

    What's next for Command Ops?

    Only if you want to update your modules, you don't have to, the game will continue to play fine without the update. If you think any new features will enhance one or all of the modules you own you can choose to pay to upgrade any or all of them.
  15. *budd*

    Steam Keys

    through the LnL website i imagine, steam doesnt get a cut if you buy from here.
  16. *budd*

    Steam Keys

    Nope, you'd only get a steam key no drm free version. I guess I don't get why people who have a non- steam version are bothered, you can play the game just fine until it hits steam. Yea it's probably taking longer than people expected but what's the big deal as long as in the end you get the...
  17. *budd*

    Early Screenshot

    ^ what he said.
  18. *budd*

    Situational Awareness Maps

    excellent maps as always. Wonder what you could do with the in game maps:D
  19. *budd*

    A Few Questions

    2. From everything i've read the modules will always be available at Ln L and on steam both, I'll probably flip my installs to steam just for the auto patching and steam workshop for mods, maps, and user made scenarios.
  20. *budd*

    Stunning game.

    Welcome aboard, CO is definitely a unique experience. Was that light tank symbol on an enemy unit? Things do get mis-identified depending on intel.

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