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  1. Greg


    Guess nothing to report. I'll go away.
  2. Greg


    No quick reply anyway. Makes me nervous. Its a perfectly legit question.
  3. Greg

    Replay of recorded games....

    Am I correct in assuming that this feature is not functioning? Couldn't verify by searching the Lnl forum.
  4. Greg

    Is anything going on?

    Great thanks.
  5. Greg

    Is anything going on?

    I own every game Panther has published and I am still playing the game along with some others but things are really quiet here at home base. Did I miss an update somewhere?
  6. Greg

    Total Losses

    I save and then surrender. Its the only way I've found.
  7. Greg

    Sequential Tasking Poll

    Not sure I follow all that DAZ, but i am glad you are on the case. :)
  8. Greg

    Supply Bug

    Hmmm,... no reply for over a week. I wonder if it actually was fixed.
  9. Greg

    FIXED 5.1.126 - commandops.exe has stopped working

    Sorry Dave, i have been away for a few days. I will try to let the save I sent you run on fast with out my interaction and see what happens.
  10. Greg

    FIXED 5.1.126 - commandops.exe has stopped working

    Dave I never just let the game run. I play on the first two speeds and the game stops when I am actively clicking on screen. My thought was that my interacting was causing the problem.
  11. Greg

    FIXED 5.1.126 - commandops.exe has stopped working

    I am getting the same crash. Ill try to send a save.
  12. Greg

    Command Ops 2 Updated to Build 5.1.25

    I just don't understand Dave's "game design" speak when he describes his patch improvement and changes. i can't relate them to game play but thats my issue and I'm sure they are all good.:)
  13. Greg

    The HTTR Strategy Guide

    Where might one find a copy of that?
  14. Greg

    Command Ops 2 Core Engine Build v5.1.22. Now Available.

    Dave, do I understand correctly that this is available now? If so where can we find it?
  15. Greg

    WestWallEstab Discrepancy List

    Dave doesn't miss much :happy:
  16. Greg

    FIXED 5.1.20 - Unable to move short distances

    Sounds good to me...even though I didn't understand a word of it...:happy:
  17. Greg

    Latest Manual

    When I click on the link, nothing happens.
  18. Greg


    Game speed is real important to me, at least a 9 on a 10 scale. But then, I am one who has enjoyed the smaller scenarios the best anyway. Not that I do not enjoy the larger one though as well...
  19. Greg

    A feature I would like to see.....

    Lets say I give a company an order to pursue and engage an enemy straggler unit while the parent battalion remains in a defend position. That order will have a start time and end time which I can manually adjust if I want to. The feature I would like to see would be for the Company to...
  20. Greg

    Build 5.0.19

    Love ESET. Norton and McAfee are viruses IMO.

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