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  1. panzerpit

    Command Ops 2 Documentation, Resources & Modules

    You can find these tutorials on YouTube, on the Panther Games playlist. .
  2. panzerpit


    Merry Cristmas and Happy New Year to you and the rest of devs team. Hava nice, quiet and safe holidays.
  3. panzerpit

    Beta Crashing

    You don't need neither to know, nor do anything - if you selected appropriate "beta" in the Steam client, it will automatically download and install all new versions of that "beta". The game will be marked in blue on the list of all the game, on the left side of the client, just to let you know...
  4. panzerpit


    I post just in case somebody missed that v. 5.2.47 just landed on Steam in Beta branch... It's going to be a busy weekend! :) Huge thanks for your work for all the devs :)
  5. panzerpit

    .46 testing: Summary so far

    Gosh... what a pity! Hoped to learn, that everything is OK and we can give it a green light! ... :(
  6. panzerpit


    Fantastic news! So... maybe its good time to update the release date on Steam? :-) "2017" looks so outdated :)
  7. panzerpit


    Great news... I'm keeping my fingers crossed for no more asserts! :)
  8. panzerpit

    Issue with the Malta 1940 scenario (The Cauldron module)

    Great! Thx for info. :)
  9. panzerpit

    Issue with the Malta 1940 scenario (The Cauldron module)

    And what about Steam? Did you also update the Steam DLC?
  10. panzerpit


    Gosh... I've been waiting for this so long... I'm really excited! :) That would be dreamy if you could release BAB as a payed early access DLC on Steam :-)
  11. panzerpit


    Good to have some news from you, Dave. Wish you a lot of health and perseverance in self-isolating :)
  12. panzerpit

    CO2 HTTR: missing BFTBEstab.xml file

    Yes, it does.
  13. panzerpit

    Can’t access Senario and Map Makers

    I do not confirm these issues with the Steam install. Every program works as expected.
  14. panzerpit


    This is really the great news! :)
  15. panzerpit


    Great news! Dave, optimistically assuming that we will get the new build in a few weeks, what are your farther plans, especially regarding the Bradley at Bay DLC?
  16. panzerpit


    Don't you thing it's a bit ridiculous to expect that autor will publish code repository of a commercial game? :)
  17. panzerpit

    Latest Build

    It's not only possible, but it has already been done. Go to the LNL Store web site, then display My Account page, then My Downloads & Serial Keys page. There you can get Steam keys for purchased products.
  18. panzerpit

    where do you buy games ?

    I buy games on Steam and MatrixGames... except for CO2, of course :) If that is possible, I prefere buying them on MatrixGames and later register on Steam. Steam has big discounts three, four times a year, during which gamas are up to 80% cheaper. MatrixGames also has discounts, but they are...
  19. panzerpit

    Latest Build

    Well... This game teaches us not only tactical skills, but a lot of patience as well. Luckily it is well worth it. :-)
  20. panzerpit

    Additional FD screens - how?

    Select the unit, hold down the Shift key, right click the selected and then select "Forece Data" from the context menu.

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