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  1. Starman

    WaW85(NAW)solo assistant Opportunity fire rules-effectively pointless

    This is my third post and I have offered solutions but unless I have missed it there has been no official response. Opportunity Fire Issue Following Priority order for potential Opportunity fire by AEO unit all but card 18 would result in eligible AEO unit firing ,47 out of 48 card pulls...
  2. Starman

    7.6 Action STEP - Action Declaration Clarification

    Thanks and I agree declared actions improve the SA. We seem to have come 360 on this rule and out of interest did anyone ever declare actions during playtesting?
  3. Starman

    Towards a tighter Solo Assistant & correcting Opportunity Fire

    Reposted as originally embedded in another thread. Updated due to rules clarifications and review I have been developing an SA that requires less player interference and addresses other issues in the current one. The aim is to not have to think for the AEO and focus on your own units...
  4. Starman

    Artillery Questions

    From Keith Tracton on using Indirect fire when in LoS of target. Design Note: During an indirect fire, Spotters (Forward Observers and other trained personnel) are not dialing up the mortar or gun battery directly, they are calling the Fire Direction Center (or, I assume, the PACT equivalent)...
  5. Starman

    Error on Solo assistant player aid card.

    My apologies and my bad , I skim read that section and was thinking of LnLTactical Solo system. However as posted elsewhere I have been developing a less flexible SA and addressing other issues in the current one, for example Opportunity Fire as all Point Blank and Effective Range Orders have...
  6. Starman

    Error on Solo assistant player aid card.

    The same table reads differently in the rules which is what drew my eye to it , Play aid has "and in LoS " Thanks for reply , personally I prefer less flexibility in a Solo system . I have posted a variant I will be using elsewhere but need to factor in for Move and Fire and similar...
  7. Starman

    Error on Solo assistant player aid card.

    On the priority table column heading for Range includes and LOS. It shouldn't as the rules do not include it, if it is intended then it would prevent assaults and Move/Fire that began the move with no LoS to a Player Unit.
  8. Starman

    WaW85 Solo SA and Opportunity fire.

    EDIT updated see post On examining the deck in offensive and defensive mode, the big glaring issue is the opportunity fire rule. As all the cards have fire in either the point blank or effective range priorities and none in the Long range.
  9. Starman

    Clarifications on blind spots clarifications

    The clarification reads "Count the number of hexes between the higher unit and the obstacle; this is the number of hexes in a straight line behind obstacle which cannot be seen." It isn't strictly speaking between as that would exclude the obstacle a better wording would be count the range in...
  10. Starman

    Any defensive bonus in case of Assault Combat?

    Remember this is a platoon game and known dug in units can be more vulnerable to close assault , so extra cover is cancelled by the lack of mobility while in cover. Infantry vs Infantry fairly even vs Tanks having a restricted field of fire/traverse , if buttoned and even worse if unbuttoned...
  11. Starman

    Unloading ground units into an Assault - Clarification

    Note in the latest Clarificationmon unloading into an assault. "The Passenger’s act of unloading into an adjacent hex will trigger Opportunity Fire; it should be placed there now. However, in this specific case, it is considered to be in its Transport unit’s hex for purposes of resolving that...
  12. Starman

    Artillery Questions

    Almost totally correct except he can only spot for himself if he eligible according to Nationality tables. Probably best to use a HQ or assign a leader to eligible spitter(to use leaders morale /Training value for checko) but remember if you can see them they can see you though they may not...
  13. Starman

    SWs on the Holding Box: any drawback ?

    Resupply event doesn't change the logic , no reason why a HQ doesn't distribute resupply to a different Arm eligible unit, functionally they would have same equipment/training they were just special Shells.
  14. Starman

    Artillery Questions

    Thanks , that is how I read it anyway the self spot was asked before but the answer wasn't as clear as this one, just needed clarifying as the rules do not state spotting , regardless of requiring a check may not be carried out by Ops Complete units. I think it will be useful to clarify that...
  15. Starman

    EW on units not on the map

    Keith you are missing my point the rules state that HQs in the HQ/SW box are affected by EW which is why I thought that HQs on End Operations card should also be affected. I was directly quoting from the rules at the foot of the left hand column on page 35, the rule reads under the heading 5.2...
  16. Starman

    Artillery Questions

    I have pondered over this and asked about it before. 14.0 Indirect Fire Yellow call out box is not ruling out the use of a spotter it just does need to use one if it does it uses the indirect fire procedure. "To be clear: If a unit which is capable of Indirect Fire has a clear LOS to its...
  17. Starman

    10.7 Combat Results & Post-combat Missile Ammo Check

    Should read 10.7 Combat Results as no mention of Missile checks in 10.7, 8 or 9 the rule is in 10.10 Missile Ammo Check Immediately after a unit executes Direct Fire with its green AP value (ATGM-armed units); or its blue AP value if it also has a blue Range value (SAM units), it rolls 2d6...
  18. Starman

    EW on units not on the map

    In many of the video playthroughs EW rolls are not being carried out when units are off map , correct if hidden placement but wrong if in HQ/SW Holding box IMO the rule should also include those Formations held on End Operations card. 5.2 EW Effects The player who wins the card may place an...
  19. Starman

    Unloading ground units into an Assault - Clarification

    I did at the bottom of my last post! but see my EDIT which was 10 minutes before your request when I added it in.
  20. Starman

    Unloading ground units into an Assault - Clarification

    You might disagree and it might need clarifying but the official response has already been given and is you do not declare the action you take and the only time you are commited is when you take it or so not qualify due to movement expended. I know because I asked. EDIT l just did a search and...

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