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    WaW85 Compatibility of WaW Compendiums

    I haven't seen any information about the WaW Compendiums. I got WaW85: Storming the Gap from the Kickstarter. How compatible are the older compendiums with this version of the game? Are new versions planned? Thanks.
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    WSR: Ambush With a Surprise question

    I'm wondering about the setup for the scenario Ambush With a Surprise. The American 2/16 Infantry is supposed to set up within 1 hex of R5. However, the only way every unit can set up within 1 hex of R5 is if they overstack. Hex Q4 can't be set up in because it's a river and is impassable...
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    Infantry assault in city vs armor

    I'm a little confused by the wording of 5.4.2 for infantry assaulting armor units in city hexes in the 2.0 rules. In the 1.0 rules, clearly states that the infantry get a bonus when "all" enemy units are AFVs. the 2.0 rules say "Infantry assaulting any amount of AFVs". Does that mean...
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    EB6 Hell's Wings 2nd Airborne initial activation

    One more question in regards to scenario EB6 Hell's Wings. Sorry if this is a stupid question, but ... After the Soviet 2nd Airbone drops per SSR, are they marked with Ops Complete markers? I would assume so, but it doesn't say so so it makes me wonder if that is intentional or not...
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    EB6 Hell's Wings end turn & activation question

    I'm a little confused as to the intent of the formation activation rules for the Hell's Wings scenario. So, the scenario states that "if none of a player's formations are activated during a turn ... he returns the End Turn markers to the cup on the following turn immediately after ONE of his...
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    Nations at War vassal modules

    A vassal module for White Star Rising already exists. Will vassal modules be made available for the other games including Desert Heat?
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    EG: US Chaparral AA range

    Is it correct that the US Chaparral does NOT have an underlined range? Counter doesn't show it but it seems odd that a missle-using unit does't have an underlined range, so am wondering if maybe it's a mistake. Thanks for any help.
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    SW Possession

    OK, I'll admit right up front that I have an ASL bias and so will apologize if this is a stupid question. I'm learning the LnLT system. Played my first game of the demo scenario last night and enjoyed it. In regards to possession of SWs, is there any particular reason why SWs possessed by MMC...
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    Where to purchase LnL games?

    Are LnL games only available direct from LnL at this point and in the future? Can't really seem to find them anywhere else.
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    Lock 'n Load Tactical Demo

    Back in Band of Heroes days, there was a demo version of BoH available for download. A BGG thread recommended that demo as a good tutorial scenario for the game. I have BoH 2nd Edition and am looking to learn the game. Is the Assault on Vierville scenario from that demo pack still available...
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    Baltic Fury expansion

    What is the likelihood of the Baltic Fury mod in LoF 14 being included in a future WaW compendium down the road? Don't want to end up buying it twice. Thanks.
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    End Turn makers & formation activation

    I'm a little unclear on how rule 3.2.1 works exactly. Let's take Eisenbach Gap scenario 1 for example. As per SSR, the Soviet 1st Tank automatically activates to start the game, without needing to draw it's formation chit. The next chit drawn is an End Turn chit followed by Team Yankee. The...

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