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  1. Ken Warren

    What's On the New WaW85 Counters

    Honestly, I'm not sure what to think. I was a late getting into WaW. My first game was EG Deluxe, then bought Blood & Bridges and Compendium. I had wanted to pick up Untold Stories, but it was out of stock. Personally, I didn't have any issues with the counters. I agree that the font should be...
  2. Ken Warren

    Try Out Tank On Tank Digital Beta Now

    Cool stuff! First of all, I don't have any version of Tank On Tank. I've been tempted, though. In any case I played the scenario on Map A and won as the Germans (11vp to 7vp). I wasn't totally sure what I was doing, but it was fun and nail biting for a little while. The Panther (the only one?)...
  3. Ken Warren

    AAR - The Zone '68 - The Unauthorized Story

    Good stuff, Ryan! Thanks for sharing these AARs. FYI, I've never been successful in Rangers Lead the Way as NATO. I've thought about giving NATO another M60A1 to see if that helps balance the forces out. There just doesn't seem to be any way to win without incredibly good dice rolls for NATO.
  4. Ken Warren

    All Things Zombie Reloaded

    Thanks David! That's is certainly great news!
  5. Ken Warren

    Tank on Tank Bigger and Better

    Very nice! That certainly is great news about the self-production, and seeing how quickly things can turn around.
  6. Ken Warren

    Tank on Tank Bigger and Better

    Tank on Tank: East Front must have been pretty popular when it came out. The store's site shows it as "Out of Stock." Wow, already?!?! When's the next print run?
  7. Ken Warren

    All Things Zombie Reloaded

    Any good news on the release of ATZ: Reloaded? Or just any news?
  8. Ken Warren

    Falling Stars Counters - from Facebook page Since, I don't do Facebook, this is to comment on the LnL Facebook page regarding the Falling Stars counters post. I, for one, have no problem with getting a game with standup counters included and having miniatures sold separately. One of my favorite...
  9. Ken Warren

    All Things Zombie Reloaded

    Thanks David! I'm really looking forward to this one.
  10. Ken Warren

    All Things Zombie Reloaded

    So, what's the current ETA on ATZ:Reloaded? Just curious.
  11. Ken Warren

    SADF Module

    Without knowing/remembering any of the details, I can't really contribute to this discussion other than what Rastamann said sounds reasonable to me. I really need to read up on the Angola War. Off topic, but are there any suggestions on books/websites/etc? Looking forward to seeing what becomes...
  12. Ken Warren

    SADF Expansion for WaW?

    Thanks, Matt. I'd be fine with either an expansion or a standalone. Not that I get to choose. :D Either way, I'm in.
  13. Ken Warren

    SADF Expansion for WaW?

    Since the SADF scenarios from LoF 8-10(?) will not be included in Compendium 2, LnL had mentioned they would be included, with additional scenarios, in an expansion. Is there any sort of timeline for this? I'd assume it's a ways off (next year?) so I'm certainly not expecting it anytime soon...
  14. Ken Warren

    All Things Zombie Reloaded

    Sweet! Thanks for the update!
  15. Ken Warren

    All Things Zombie Reloaded

    Cool! Really looking forward to this. So, what's the ETA? Price?
  16. Ken Warren

    so, what's in the ATZ Outbreak box?

    Thanks, David! This does sound awesome! I'll be picking up the new edition even though I already have the first edition.
  17. Ken Warren

    so, what's in the ATZ Outbreak box?

    So, we know the rules are being updated, but what about the rest? Counters, boards, etc? What does this mean for the first edition owners? No matter what, this does sound very awesome!
  18. Ken Warren

    All Things Zombie - Outbreak After Action Report Part 2

    Quit teasing, Ed. That's not nice! :)
  19. Ken Warren

    All Things Zombie - Outbreak - New Game Coming Soon!

    Sounds pretty darn cool, Ed! Really looking forward to this now.
  20. Ken Warren

    All Things Zombie - Outbreak - New Game Coming Soon!

    Sweet! Is this an expansion to ATZ Boardgame or standalone? Will new maps be included?

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