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  1. GoodGuy


    I hope you are well now. Antibiotics don't work against flu viruses, at all, though, they may assist in toning down side infections, like say lung infections, but they fail here as well, if the infections are just triggered by the virus or by severe reactions of the immune system. Anti-viral...
  2. GoodGuy

    Encircling Aachen Axis force composition issue

    I just stumbled over this. The heavy Bn 506 was committed in the Aachen sector, actually. Strength on the 1st of October 1944: 33 Tiger II operational, 10 Tiger II under repairs/maintenance. 3rd of October: start of shipping to the Aachen sector, the unit was deployed in the Arnheim region in...
  3. GoodGuy

    Gerbini/Sferro Station (Sicily, July 1943)

    I know that this post is from 2019, but I just wanted to mention a fact that is often overlooked: The map is not from 1943, it is an Italian map from 1934 which served as base for a map version that was then revised by the US map service. The map contains a clear hint at the bottom...
  4. GoodGuy

    GPQ Supply and Sub Base Capacity

    Are you sure that all Polish supply bases have been destroyed? I am guessing that both sides are drawing from SEPs, anyways. In that case the Germans partially surrounding the Polish units may be cut off (partially) from their main supply route, where - in turn - the Polish units seem to be able...
  5. GoodGuy

    Bitmap Overlay

    The one showing the Gazilhac perimeter? I gave you instructions how to obtain such overlay. You can use that to draw elevations and maybe a part of the river system, but you'll need the US Army map to see how the historic shapes of cities, woods or lakes and how far the road/track networks were...
  6. GoodGuy

    All American over Nijmegen - German side

    I just stumbled over these interesting posts from Daz. The fire concentration he described involved the equivalent of 5 full strength artillery regiments, which the player may actually have at his disposal in one or another big scenario, so such fire concentration wouldn't be a gamey strat. Dave...
  7. GoodGuy

    Bitmap Overlay

    Actually, there are lots of peaks, as the city of Carcassonne sits between the southwestern and southern foothills of the Massif Central (just north of Carcassonne) and the Pyrenees (way south). On your map, there are plenty of elevations ranging from 300 - 800 meters with lots of "mini"-valleys...
  8. GoodGuy

    Task Organisation

    No, only for the duration of the task, and it can't be used for new orders, like Jim said. You'll have to rope or use the Ctrl-key. "1/16" would be the 1st Abteilung (of) Panzer-Regiment 16, and "1/60" would be the 1st Bn (of) Panzer-Grenadier-Regiment 60, for your first KG, am I reading your...
  9. GoodGuy

    How to deal with SPART attacking a village

    @Jim: Btw, I and others appreciate your input/general attitude, you are always willing to help and you give good advice/feedback, so please don't get my last post wrong. :) I think you know how to read/interpret smileys, right? :P
  10. GoodGuy

    How to deal with SPART attacking a village

    Yes, Sherlock. :) That's what I gathered and that's why I agreed with you. The rest of my post was meant to be a song of praise regarding the AI's capabilties. If you think that it wasn't detailed enough, you can correct me, ofc. I know. While the game's enemy AI is excellent (actually the...
  11. GoodGuy

    How to deal with SPART attacking a village

    Checking out what works best by using savegames is a good method for beginners, I guess. In earlier installments, each resumed savegame had the potential to result in slightly or even very different outcomes, though, as the enemy AI could revise its current approaches (and adjust routes, replan...
  12. GoodGuy

    HEAT rounds

    You might have misunderstood my post. You stated that the tank's loadout in the game should contain HE only ("should be an HE rather than an HEAT"). And that's where I objected, as HEAT rounds for self-defense were part of the standard loadout on M4 (105) tanks, regardless of the tank's...
  13. GoodGuy

    HEAT rounds

    What page? That thing has 75 pages. :) This version of the field manual was issued in September 1944, the first version was issued in 1942. Between September 1944 and early 1945, quite a few approaches/roles changed, either due to lack of targets or due to enemy action (ie. the offensive in the...
  14. GoodGuy

    HEAT rounds

    The "M4 (105)" received HEAT-T rounds (M67) which offered sufficient penetration power to pierce through 101.6 mm (4 inches) of armor (at 0 degrees = vertical homogenous armor plate, and if such vertical plate was hit squarely). Even though the round delivered the mentioned armor penetration...
  15. GoodGuy

    Introductions and Questions

    I really like this idea. If introduced in the game, such function would embrace the historical procedure of a given unit waiting for the "green light" to commence a particular mission. During the Ardennes offensive, for instance, 3 German coys were ordered to attack and clear a particular area...
  16. GoodGuy

    Enemy Vehicle Detection beyond LoS

    This is a quite striking objection/suggestion. The noise from tanks (tracks and tank engines) - especially heavy tanks - relocating or forming up near or right behind the front could be heard across quite some distance, especially with favorable winds. I am convinced that British and German...
  17. GoodGuy

    .COP format?

  18. GoodGuy

    A question about equipment descriptions

    Same here. I'd keep the detailed info. For instance, the unit and (if available) the commander info helped ppl who didn't know certain details - like what particular units were involved on each side (especially in the COTA scenarios - on the ANZAC side) or what unit/commander helped to swing a...
  19. GoodGuy

    Unit strength indicator issue

    Oops, I didn't answer that question sufficiently: Yes, the crews could move certain pieces on (rather) flat terrain over longer distances (rather kilometers than meters), where then the loss of towing equipment or horses used to set free some additional helping hands. For instance, the s.IG 33...
  20. GoodGuy

    Unit strength indicator issue

    You need to include the additional troops. Example: A PaK 36 (or 37) AT coy (horse-drawn) had 3 guns in each platoon and 18 crew members (2 of them in a dual role, as MG gunners) and 3 extra guys responsible for ammo handling/supply, in 1944, so each gun had a crew of 6 plus 1 section (gun)...

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