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  1. Ryan Shannahan

    AAR: Campaign C001 Beast Masters

    Campaign C001 Mission 001 – Crimson Stryker Location: Deep range science station Galileo 7 on Helende-2, a planet in the Jovian 3 system Situation: All transmissions from Galileo 7 ceased 3 Earth days (ED) ago. J Squad, 2nd Platoon, 51st Company, deployed to investigate. Objective: Secure...
  2. Itineranthobbyist

    Under the Claw AAR Series of Videos

  3. Itineranthobbyist

    AAR of my First Game in the Falklands

  4. Itineranthobbyist

    Carentan - Campaign Game 4 AAR

    Game 4 in the Easy Company Normandy Campaign https://itineranthobbyist.wordpress.com/2019/03/10/normandy-campaign-4-carentan/
  5. Itineranthobbyist

    The way to Carentan Live Play

    solo - Americans won on the attack during the fourth turn...makes me think I did something wrong in the defense. This is turns 2-4.
  6. Itineranthobbyist

    Brecourt Manor Final Episode AAR Campaign

    Ami Victory! Lots of fun stuff happening here.
  7. Itineranthobbyist

    First Normandy Campaign Game Brecourt Manner Revised

    Played Brecourt Manor Revised. Very fun. Failed as US, and had some very bad rolls from those MG42s. Lost my personal hero, Unitas. Will have to start with another one in the next Brecourt scenario.
  8. Itineranthobbyist

    A Bloody Victory AAR

    little Dday Action - I forgot 3 of the ami platoons, needless to say, they lost.
  9. Itineranthobbyist

    Bloody Meat Sandwich AAR

  10. Itineranthobbyist

    Fathers Day LNL East Front AAR

  11. Itineranthobbyist

    Live Play A Bitter Holiday HotM

    Title says it all. Solo play of this scenario. German Victory by Turn 6 because there was no way the Soviets were pulling this off. Please let me know what I did wrong via the rules.
  12. Ryan Shannahan

    Heroes of the Nam - River of Perfume, Player vs. AEO

    Cross posted from: https://www.boardgamegeek.com/geeklist/237247/item/5999567#item5999567 Other related discussion and the same story here: https://www.boardgamegeek.com/geeklist/185155/item/4425776#item4425776 First scenario using Lock n Load Tactical Solo to play as an artificial opponent...
  13. Itineranthobbyist

    Saving Brigadier Hill

    this is a live stream of me setting it up:
  14. Bie

    Maleme Historical Campaign AAR - Axis side

    Time for another AAR. As with my previous ones, the game is still ongoing, so who knows what the eventual outcome might be. This time I opted to play the Axis in a theater which I'm totally not familiar with: the Mediterranean, more specifically Crete. Hope you enjoy this after action report...
  15. Todd

    Raid on Taivu

    SetUp and Turn 1
  16. Bie

    Red Devils over Arnhem AAR - Allied side

    Had a blast with the Nijmegen scenario. It's only natural that Arnhem is up next. This one is still ongoing, so here it goes: Analyzing the briefing: The men of the 1st Airborne division are to drop west of Arnhem, after which they will need to secure the bridges over the river Nederrijn...
  17. Daz

    Command Ops 2 - From the Meuse to the Rhine AAR v1.0

    This is an old AAR that was very fragmented on the forums, so I have placed it in this pdf. In this AAR I am on the offensive playing as the Allies. It's my best attempt at playing the Epic "From the Meuse to the Rhine" scenario. It's probably the largest, and most complex scenario in the...