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hollow cell

  1. MichaelCD

    Any reviews?

    Anyone played enough to review this game? Thanks.
  2. David Heath

    Hollow Cell Living Rules Edition v1.1

    This is the Living Rule Manual for Hollow Cell. DIPLOMACY THROUGH SUPERIOR FIREPOWER! The distant reaches of space hold a planet that is the subject of the Hedonix Empire’s horror stories! The whispered tales of this planet’s war games frighten children, are used to threaten criminals, and...
  3. David Heath

    Latest Look At Hollow Cell

    Hello Everyone, Here is another look at Hollow Cell cards and we think they are coming along pretty nicely. You can get a great look in our media section at http://forums.lnlpublishing.com/media/categories/hollow-cell.29/ Please ask any questions you have and let us know what you think. David
  4. Hollow Cell Card Sample4

    Hollow Cell Card Sample4

    Here are our first cards for Hollow Cell.
  5. Hollow Cell Card Sample3

    Hollow Cell Card Sample3

    Here are our first cards for Hollow Cell.
  6. Hollow Cell Card Sample2

    Hollow Cell Card Sample2

    Here are our first cards for Hollow Cell.
  7. Hollow Cell Card Sample1

    Hollow Cell Card Sample1

    Here are our first cards for Hollow Cell.