1. M

    Savage Wilderness terrain question

    I just received the game, and I tried taking the first two scenarios for a spin. There is a terrain type that is not defined in the TEC: towns. Given that they are the focus of those scenarios, what specifically are the effects? Also, in the Grand Pre scenario, I can't match the terrain I'm...
  2. Stefano Turco

    LOS BUG ?

    Le Manoir scenario. Map 13. Moved unit in N2 and being fired by J4 upstairs. But los checking from N2 to J4 upstairs indicated BLOCKED by the bocage hexside in L3/M2 What i got wrong ?
  3. T

    LOS – Walls & hedges: five examples

    Tracing LOS through walls and hedges is a perennial source of confusion for my group. Here are five examples / questions, based on how I understand the rules. I'd appreciate confirmation or correction! Here's the map. Treat bocage as hedge. I am clear about these: 1. The German squad in...
  4. Norman Stewart

    LOS Still Unclear

    I am still struggling with LOS determination in conjunction with elevation. 6.1.2 Hill-Level LOS If the attacker is on Hill Level, it cannot fire at an enemy unit if its LOS crosses a Crest Line unless the target … or either the attacker or the target is adjacent to the Crest Line. If...
  5. R

    LOS works only after 8 am

    I'm new to CO2 and while working my thru the tutorial 'Return to St Vith' I noticed that the LOS tool only works after 8 am. By 'works' I mean that LOS from any point on the map only extends 200m and looks like this: It will remain like this until 8 am when it starts working as I would...
  6. T

    Spotting & LOS within walls.

    Take a look at the photo below. I have a question with regards to both LOS and spotting. So my understanding of LOS is that in the image above, LOS is not blocked as walls don't "block LOS to a hex in which the Wall forms a hexside". That's the part I get. No commentary need on that. The...
  7. Peter

    LOS Question

    Hello everyone! I'm having a difficult time wrapping my head around LOS rules. I've read pages 54-58 several times now, but I have an example in a current game that I don't know how to resolve. Scenario 1 of Heroes of the Falklands "By Dawn's Early Light" Scenario states that hex 11I2 contains...
  8. Jankomatic

    LOS Question

    Two questions here and sorry if my ASL is spilling over: French are on level 1 of the building. Units in I5 are spotted just because they are in open ground right? Is LOS degraded by 1 for this shot because of the Orchards in K5? I thought yes for sure, but after reading the LOS stuff again...
  9. D

    Fire Combat, LOS, Casualties OH MY!!!

    Sorry, these questions may have already been asked and answered. But I can't find any responses that seem to clear my issues up. Please bear with me. 1. How do shaken counters defend when engaged? 2. Terrain in 1J5 (lite jungle) is degrading while terrain in 1K4 (bamboo huts) is blocking...
  10. D

    LOS/Spotting and Fire Combat Rules

    1. There's a 1-4-3-4 VC squad in hex I3, a 1-4-3-4 VC squad w/GO leader in hex J5, another 1-4-3-4 VC squad in L3, a VC sniper in M3 and a 2-6-4-5 American squad has just moved into hex I4 along the road. Can the VC squads in I3 and J5 attack the American squad and combine their IFP? 2. Same...
  11. Starman

    Terrain silhouette vs terrain hex.

    The rules state that passing through a silhouette of terrsin degrades or blocks , yet the examples show the terrain blocked if it passes between two hut (LC buildings) hexes , the LOS does not touch either of the hut silhouettes. Is it whole hex terrain or just silhouettes or is it only...
  12. Ty Snouffer

    Walls and LOS

    Here's what I have for the LOS rules for Walls from the TEC If this is the situation (US firing at Germans) . . . Would LOS be blocked? I have a POV, but I wanted to get the community's ruling. Thanks!

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