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  1. David Heath

    Space Infantry Resurgence is SHIPPING

    Start Looking for Your Games The first games have started shipping today and you will start to receive emails notifying when your games have shipped out. So please post some pictures when you receive your games and let us know what you think. It will take some time to work through all the orders...
  2. David Heath

    New International Shipping Discount

    LnLP NEW INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING OPTIONS Customers shipping an order outside of the United States may be able to receive an additional shipping discount. The customer must have at least $20.00 - $25.00 in shipping costs. The discount will show up only at Checkout and will be titled...
  3. MichaelCD

    Questions about pre-orders and shipping

    I was looking at buying some of the pre-orders and I noticed that shipping seems pretty high, $20 within the USA, for just 1 game. I know I am a cheap bastard. So, my questions are: If I pre-order several games, will they wait until all are ready and then ship? Or, will they ship when each...
  4. David Heath

    Printing Boxing and Shipping..........

    Hi Everyone, Printing, boxing and shipping, we've been doing this all weekend. My wife cooked a great pasta and meatball dinner for everyone and we kept on going. I am a very blessed man, I have some of the greatest friends and family in the world. Thanks to all for the help and support.